Water filtration solutions can meet servicing companies’ needs

3M ScaleGard Blend series of filter heads crop
3M offers the ScaleGard Blend series of water filtration variable bypass heads.

Oliver Rudman, an application engineer at science-based technology company 3M, explains how servicing companies must provide water filtration solutions for their customers:

Pubs and high-street restaurants are increasingly turning to servicing companies for water filtration solutions and advice about which products can meet their needs.

It is not enough to offer a limited range of filters. Servicing companies must provide an array of water filtration solutions, in order to meet various customer needs.

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Historically, service engineers had little control over water’s mineral content, because of specific bypass settings’ limitations. As a result, they needed to store and transport a variety of filters to suit all customer requirements.

Nowadays, variable bypass heads can perform this function, allowing service engineers to set the desired mineral content based on local water quality. By offering filtration systems with this capability, such as the ScaleGard Blend series of heads from 3M, drastically fewer filters need to be stored and transported. The technology also helps each filter achieve its maximum capacity potential.

Furthermore, if a cartridge with a specific bypass setting has been incorrectly specified, service companies must spend time and money exchanging and refitting it with a different bypass setting.

Installing and replacing filter cartridges needn’t be time-consuming. Filter heads that enable quick and easy change-outs via a smooth quarter-turn of the cartridge to release, without needing to shut off the water supply or flush the cartridge, can save service engineers time, enabling them to service more locations.

By offering water filtration solutions, servicing companies can not only give themselves a new revenue stream, but also save customers money, keeping them returning.

It is therefore vital that servicing companies also understand the different problems these devices can help address within businesses such as pubs and high street restaurants.

One of the main reasons businesses use water filtration systems is to reduce limescale, the build-up of high calcium and magnesium levels, also referred to as hard water, which affects more than 60% of the UK.

Limescale can reduce the lifespan of vital equipment within pubs and high-street restaurants, from ice and coffee machines to post-mix systems and steamer ovens, sometimes by more than half. Scale-related issues can cost foodservice establishments money for service call-outs, associated machine downtime and premature replacements – all decreasing customer satisfaction.

Water filters that use ion exchange resin and reverse osmosis filtration systems can remove calcium and magnesium ions, which can lead to limescale, from the water, tackling the problem at its source.

Another reason operators use water filtration devices is to remove unpleasant tastes and odours from the mains water supply. Such effects can be caused by naturally occurring organic material, along with chlorine and chloramines, which utility companies use to clean the water.

Water filtration cartridges that use carbon block technology can improve the taste and smell of everything from coffee to steamed food, while also helping to create taste consistency across outlets.

So, by stocking a range of water filtration solutions and understanding the underlying issues, servicing companies stand to benefit greatly, improving their own productivity and keeping their customers happy.

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