Catering equipment manufacturer Lincat launched two new product ranges, Opus 800 and the latest generation of FilterFlow water boilers, at the Commercial Kitchen show last week.

This massive undertaking comprises 76 new products.

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Opus 800 is a wide range of heavy-duty prime cooking equipment, including ovens, fryers, griddles, grills and bratt pans.

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Building on the success of the Opus 700 range, Opus 800 is designed to have a stylish and streamlined new look.

Engineered to provide enhanced performance, energy efficiency and serviceability over the Opus 700, the new generation of products will also be more powerful.

With the ability to be configured in a greater number of ways, there will be a variety of separate accessories to support the range.

The new FilterFlow water boilers range features touchscreen displays, enhanced self diagnostics, smaller footprints, timer and eco modes and longer life filter cartridges.

Amongst the new models is a twin-tank unit that supplies water at two different temperatures and also a combined boiler/chiller unit that will be launched later in the year.

Helen Applewhite, Lincat’s marketing manager, said: “Lincat’s brand new concept, the Opus 800 range, is our most extensive new product launch since the introduction of the Opus 700 range in 1999.

“Our Opus 700 range is established in a number of national pub and supermarket chains, and we are confident the Opus 800 will build on these strong foundations.”

The new series will be commercially available from 1 July.