James Scott studies with Williams

Williams fridges in Edinburgh University’s post-graduate residence hall.

Falkirk-based distributor James Scott & Sons has outfitted the kitchens in the UK’s first post-graduate residence hall, at Edinburgh University.

The centralised main kitchen and social complex is open plan and divided into eight areas, each with a cross-shaped prep counter and a mix of seating and eating stations.

Each kitchen has its own ovens, microwaves, sinks, hobs etc. For storage, each student has their own dry store plus chilled and freezer space.

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On this project, James Scott & Sons worked with Williams, which supplied specially designed fridges and freezers with storage compartments for individual students.

The manufacturer provided 64 Zircon fridges and 40 Zircon freezers. The model is the Z12, a slimline, single-door upright cabinet.

The bottom-mounted refrigeration system allows access for service while the rugged construction should make it simple to clean.

The Z12 has a capacity of 312litres and the fridge’s energy-saving CoolSmart controller is designed to give good temperature control.

Edinburgh University’s assistant catering director, Ian Macaulay, detailed: “What we needed was an upright cabinet that could be compartmentalised for each student. It’s more complicated than it sounds.

“For the fridges, the compartments needed to allow proper airflow but minimise the risk of any cross contamination, for example for vegetarians or for those whose diets are restricted for religious or medical reasons.

“The cabinets also needed to be quite narrow, to fit in the space we had. It was clear that we needed a bespoke solution.

“Williams came up trumps with a tailored version of the company’s Zircon units, each of which has room for eight individual compartments.”

Williams worked with Edinburgh to develop several different compartments to see which worked best.

The one chosen is made of stainless steel and has holes drilled in the sides to allow airflow, but positioned to ensure the risk of cross contamination is removed as much as practically possible.

The University wanted to ensure the security of the students’ foods, so Williams also developed combination locks for both the fridges and the freezers.




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