XpressChef gives kitchens the edge by putting quality food first

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XpressChef high speed ovens from ACP Inc are trusted by professional kitchens around the world to deliver high quality food, in a fraction of the time.

Built to last, XpressChef gives its users the edge they need to succeed by putting quality food first.

Jestic Foodservice Solutions is the supplier for the XpressChef range in the UK and its sales director, Steve Morris, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer customers the XpressChef range from ACP Inc. All three variants, the 2C, 3i and the 4i have the proven power and performance to rapidly cook a wide variety of menu items to a consistently high standard.

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“Efficiency and speed are complemented by ease of use with simplified remote access menu management and HD touch controls which can be used by staff of any skill level to give foodservice operators a competitive advantage.”

Brian Lavelle who represents ACP Inc the manufacturer of XpressChef, added: “ACP Inc can trace its roots back to 1947 when Raytheon built the first microwave oven more than 70 years ago. Today, ACP is 100% dedicated to the professional foodservice industry and accelerated cooking products – hence the name ACP!

“ACP Inc. ovens have been ranked best in class for over 25 years, and are preferred worldwide for their performance, reliability, service, construction, ease-of-use and safety.

“In these challenging times we are thankful to be working with the team at Jestic Foodservice Solutions to now bring our XpressChef high speed ovens to the UK market.”

Speed of service

For QSR sites, speed of service is vital, especially during peak trading times, and this is where the XpressChef 3i comes in to its own. The XpressChef 3i provides best in class speed and performance in a compact, front of house footprint and a choice of colours.

The combination of impingement, convection and microwave cooking technologies, makes cooking a variety of foods on-demand quick and easy whether it’s toasting, grilling or baking, with the convenience of only requiring a standard 13A plug.

Ease of use

Ease of use is another hallmark of the 3i as the 7-inch True-Touch HD touchscreen incorporates a fully customisable smartphone-like display with a scrollable image-based menu – so quality results are assured regardless of staff skill levels.

The ventless 3i can be positioned anywhere saving on the expense of ventilation systems and benefits from a number of safety features including a cool to the touch exterior and a cleverly engineered inner door, which drops well below the cooking surface for the safe removal of food from the cavity.

Easy to clean

The XpressChef 3i also makes life easier for users with its 4-minute quick cool down feature which allows for a speedy end of day clean up, without the need to use cooling down pans or water.

Whilst the gasket-free door seal makes cleaning quick and easy.  The 3i also incorporates three cleanable air filters with a “clean filter” reminder so operators will never forget when it is time to clean them. Non-stick oven liners are also pre-installed to keep an oven clean during the working day.

More choice, more performance

The other models in the XpressChef range which distributors might want to consider specifying are the 2C model which combines a powerful 2,700W convection oven and a 1,400 or 1,900W microwave to produce high quality baked goods fast.

The compact 2C is perfectly suited for front or back of house but can still cook a 12” pizza and is stackable, to increase throughput and save valuable counter space.

The 4i with its the generous 38-litre cavity makes high-volume, speed cooking easy – harnessing impingement, convection, infra-red radiant and microwave cooking technologies to give operators a superbly fast, powerful, and flexible cooking solution.

For more information about the XpressChef range please call Jestic on 01892 831 960 or visit

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