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Rational’s ConnectedCooking software platform creates a unified smart kitchen.

While there’s nothing more traditional than going out for a meal with family and friends – there’s nothing that improves that experience quite like modern, technological thinking in the kitchen where the food is being prepared.

While the hospitality industry was hit hard over the few years, it has the potential to emerge stronger and better than ever, but not without overcoming some major challenges. Diners’ expectations are as high as ever, staff shortages and coupled with the ever-increasing prices, efficiency options in the professional kitchen are the ideal solution.

Rational, the leading provider in hot food preparation equipment, delivers a complete kitchen solution that revolutionises processes, maximises efficiency and minimises waste. Its cooking systems are renowned around the world and set to become even more transformational with Rational’s ConnectedCooking software platform.

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Among operators that have moved away from traditional cooking systems to Rational’s market-leading technology is Replenish Kitchen, offering a range of healthy meal kits inspired by world cuisine. Factoring in the restaurant and other catering services on top of deliveries, the kitchen produces between 600-700 meals a day, with menu changes that require a diverse range of techniques to prepare.

Owner Tom Wilkinson said: “Our Rational iCombi Pro combi steamer and iVario Pro 2-S has helped us to expand massively, purely through the consistency and quality of the results. Turnaround time is reduced significantly, letting us make larger batches of each meal quickly and easily.

“The data you get from ConnectedCooking helps keep our paperwork up to date. It’s particularly useful for maintaining HACCP data, and it really helped in getting our five-star environmental health rating.”

Indi-Yang restaurant owner Rehan Uddin says Rational systems enable just two people to have the same output as a much larger kitchen, in a fraction of the time.

Rehan Uddin, owner of the popular Indi-Yang restaurant in Torquay, and managing director of the Asian Restaurant Owners Network (ARON), is certain that modern equipment, like Rational’s cooking systems, will allow businesses to meet the challenges of staff and skills shortages and reducing running costs.

“Our Rational systems let just two people have the same output as a much larger kitchen, in a fraction of the time,” said Rehan. “We’ve built what we call a smart food experience at the Indi-Yang. “Rational cooking systems have brought significant savings on our energy bills, thanks to the reduction of prep time, and their intelligent assistants allow us to adapt quickly if we need something urgently.

“ConnectedCooking helps me to create a unified smart kitchen,” said Rehan. “For example, if we’re cooking a dish overnight, I can make sure everything’s going smoothly from my phone, or I can check that everything’s being cleaned properly if I’m taking a day off. It also makes adding and changing recipes simple.

Adam Knights, marketing director at Rational UK, commented: “Our technology allows a streamlining of processes, delivering vital efficiencies without compromising on quality and taste. We’d love to introduce the industry to our multifunctional systems and ConnectedCooking software platform that takes them to a different level.”

Connected Cooking

ConnectedCooking networks Rational cooking systems remotely and includes service maintenance, recipe sharing and automatic software downloads. Together, they create a complete and reliable solution for any kitchen situation, increasing flexibility, managing and transferring cooking programmes, accessing HACCP data and more via PC, tablet or mobile.

Operators can register for ConnectedCooking at:
For information call +44 (0)1582 480388, or visit

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