Winterhalter to showcase new Workhorse at virtual event

Winterhalters new PT Workhorse crop
Winterhalter will demonstrate its new PT Workhorse warewasher at the online TUCO conference.

Winterhalter will focus on its new passthrough dishwasher, the PT Workhorse, at the TUCO 2021 virtual conference on 28 July.

The Workhorse introduces a series of upgrades and innovations that are designed to reduce energy and water consumption, and enhance usability and reliability.

Features include the EnergyLight heat exchange system, which is claimed to cut energy consumption by up to 10%, and the hygiene concept, including quadruple wash water filtration and new S-shaped wash arms, which should deliver good wash results.

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The new Auto Hood is designed to be user friendly, staff simply touch a button to bring it down. At the end of the wash cycle, it rises automatically.

Reliability is a key factor for university caterers when specifying a warewasher. Winterhalter’s NPD team has reengineered the PT’s components and systems to ensure the Workhorse is a reliable machine.

Winterhalter UK MD Stephen Kinkead said: “This dishwasher will cope with everything that’s thrown at it.”

The PT Workhorse comes in three machine sizes, M, L and XL. The largest machine, the PT-XL, is likely to be the most popular in university kitchens. It has an entry height of 560mm, so it can wash bulkier items such as GN2/1 trays and utensils.

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