Winterhalter pits dishwasher against kitchen staff


It’s generally recognised that a modern warewasher is going to be quicker at cleaning dishes than a kitchen porter. But by just how much?

That’s the question that manufacturer Winterhalter recently set out to answer by pitting its MTR2 machine against a team of kitchen staff from one of its customers.

The company went along to the busy cafe in London’s Crypt restaurant to measure just how much manpower it takes to wash the equivalent number of items put through a commercial machine.

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Kitchen assistant Jutu Miah kicked off the test by loading four racks of dirty bowls, plates, tea pots and cutlery and sent them through the MTR2. It took three minutes 24 seconds for all the items to be washed, rinsed and dried.

Then he set about washing up a similar load by hand, which took a somewhat more lengthy 23 minutes and 54 seconds to complete.

Dividing the time taken by the dishwasher by the time taken by the porter, Winterhalter concludes that the MTR2 is worth the same as seven kitchen porters in terms of dishwashing output.

Paul Crowley, marketing manager of Winterhalter, says the test – which can be watched on video here – is a useful illustration for any customers looking to buy new equipment. “It gives them an idea of just how much manpower they will be saving with their new purchase.”

The Crypt’s catering manager Luis Martins said that as well as saving time, the experiment also highlighted other issues, such as the temperature and cleanliness of the hand wash rinse water.

“It started out hot enough but cooled down quickly. In the machine the temperature is always hot and this aids quick and hygienic drying,” he said.

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