Winterhalter issues Euro 2012 glasswashing tips


Winterhalter has issued a series of glasswashing tips for pubs and bars that expect their equipment to be worked into the ground during this summer’s Euro 2012 football tournament.

The country’s watering holes are set to be deluged with football supporters keen to follow England’s progress (despite their inevitable elimination upon the first half-decent team they meet!) and that will put glasswashing machines under extra pressure, says Winterhalter.

The Germany-based manufacturer has published a six-point guide that it hopes dealers might be able to use in their conversations with bar owners gearing up for a spike in business during June and July.

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Paul Crowley, marketing manager at Winterhalter UK, says the first topic to address is glass versus polycarbonate.

“Lots of bars may want to switch to polycarbonates — but does that mean they need to adjust their glasswasher? Polycarbonates scratch more easily at temperatures over 40C, so if your machine offers it, use a lower temperature programme,” he says.

Crowley says the proper application of low temperature glasswashing is a necessity, as nobody likes drinking cold drinks from hot glasses.

“The dosing level of the rinse aid is critical, too — it may need to be adjusted to avoid clouding. Polycarbonates don’t hold heat like glasses do, so they take longer to dry. If that’s an issue, try drying racks,” he says.

Winterhalter’s guide also notes that operators buying new machines this summer should consider models that feature adjustable water pressure and lower temperature washes, which means glasses can be used straight from the wash during peak times.

Operators that don’t want steam wafting into the bar, meanwhile, should consider getting a glasswasher with a heat exchanger, advises Crowley.

“They extract the energy from waste steam to heat the incoming water supply and they don’t just save energy: because there is virtually no escaping steam when the machine is opened at the end of the wash cycle, they improve the bar environment, too,” he says.

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