Winterhalter finds a way through the FOG


To help combat the problem of waste fats, oils and grease (FOG) finding their way into drainage systems, Winterhalter has developed what it says is a safe, long lasting and efficient enzyme based drain maintainer.

A81 BLUe uses a blend of non-toxic, natural microbes to clear drains of FOG and other accumulated organic matter.
When the product is dosed into a drainage system it creates a biofilm which adheres to the walls to produce a continuous and renewable supply of active enzymes for FOG degradation.

The biofilm is designed to be resistant to general cleaning fluids, thus providing longer lasting protection than using high alkaline or caustic based products, which have minimal contact time with the walls.

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A81 BLUe is supplied in a concentrated form, which should be introduced into the drainage system before the main entry point of the organic waste. This can be done at the end of each working day either manually or with an automatic dispenser.

The bacterial strains in A81 BLUe are naturally occurring but should be used with care and according to the instructions. An installation of the A81 BLUe system comprises a 5 litre holster, a battery operated dispensing system, pipe connection and user guide.

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