Winterhalter engineers contribute to updated restart advice for dishwashers

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Winterhalter engineers have suggested restart processes for its warewashers after lockdown.

Winterhalter’s engineers have helped to update the manufacturer’s advice on how to restart its dishwashers, by offering their feedback from previous lockdowns.

The refreshed advice is designed to help the brand’s warewashers get up and running safely and efficiently, allowing operators to get ready for reopening.

There are seven steps to the new Winterhalter advice, as seen below.

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Before the machine is turned on:

  • First check inside the water tank and remove the filters. Check both the tank and the filters for staining or slight corrosion. If there is any, remove it by manual cleaning.
  • Then, check the softener has salt and top up if required. Check the chemical dispensers and replace any old, leftover chemicals with new.
  • Once external softeners are filled with salt, they should be switched on for at least 24 hours to allow them to run a regen cycle. Manual softeners need to be regenerated first before using the machine.
  • If a machine uses a reverse osmosis unit, whether it’s an external unit or internally installed, it should have been left with the water and electrical supply on. If this isn’t the case, and it’s been off for over four weeks, a service call will be required before using the machine.
  • Make sure all supplies (water, waste, electric) are connected and working, and that the drain hose is in place.

Once these first five steps are complete, sites can turn the machine on:

  • Allow the machine to fill to ready before draining it completely and refilling it.
  • If any faults appear on the display, try shutting it down, completely isolating it from the electrical system, then switching it on again. If the faults are still there, take appropriate action (e.g. fill the rinse aid dispenser) or, for serious issues, call a service engineer.

Kieran Lynch, service MD of Winterhalter UK, said: “It’s essential to make sure a warewasher is in the right condition if it’s not been used in a while. Following these simple steps will ensure it is ready to return to work.”

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