Heated holding cabinets enable chefs to prepare food in advance or cook food off-site, and then hold it at a safe temperature ready for service.

However, when these facilities are available in a portable version, they can help caterers to make the most of the space available, as they can be easily moved, manoeuvred and sited where needed, then relocated after use and stored until required again.

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Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) supplies this type of kit, in the form of Alto-Shaam banquet carts and holding cabinets, as well as mobile Cook and Hold ovens.

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Marketing and sales manager Mark Hogan advised distributors: “It makes financial sense, as well as environmental sense, for catering equipment dealers to specify energy efficient kit.

“Energy-efficient equipment rapidly pays for itself in the savings made on utility bills, plus continued savings over the lifetime of the equipment.”

He detailed: “For example, FEM’s Alto-Shaam Cook and Hold ovens have low energy consumption, low emissions and, in most settings, do not require oven hoods or outside venting.

“This alone can save up to £30 per 16-hr day of operation, as most traditional hoods cost up to £2 an hour to operate.

“These Cook and Hold Ovens don’t require water and, as well as saving energy, they ensure caterers get the most from their food, reducing shrinkage by up to 18%.”