We are approaching one of the peak ice maker seasons of the year right now, as operators gear up for summer demand for chilled drinks.

But what impact does that have on pricing for the distributors specifying these appliances, and how can they differentiate between various ice maker models?

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One manufacturer who feels that prices have remained stable over the past couple of years is Maidaid Halcyon.

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“With the freedom of price comparison now made readily available via the internet, customers have to be aware of what they are potentially purchasing,” commented sales director, Julian Lambert.

“In our experience, low cost options are always available but the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is as true today as it has always been.”

He advised: “Study your potential supplier as much as the product, as you will need to be certain that strong product support is available for the life of the equipment.”

The manufacturer believes there is a world of difference between entry level and more advanced ice machines on the market.

“What a customer may overlook is the cost associated with building a quality product. Manufactures will incur considerable costs in the design, prototyping and field trial studies associated with bring a quality product to market,” said Lambert.