Wexiodisk’s latest launch enables quick pressure change

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The Wexiodisk WD-8 hood type machine can wash larger cooking utensils such as bakery trays.

Scandinavian warewashing manufacturer Wexiodisk has launched its WD-8 hood machine into the UK market.

This latest addition to the company’s product portfolio is designed specifically for handling bakery trays, thermos boxes, large cooking pots and pans as well as crockery in small to medium, high output kitchens.

The WD-8 is claimed to be and efficient and practical unit that delivers optimum wash and hygiene results.

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The machine features a flexible washing system that should allow operators to adjust and reset the water pressure quickly and easily. Enabling settings to change between ‘normal wash’ and ‘heavily soiled wash’ functions should mean that a variety of different items can be washed within one unit.

Thanks to adjustable water pressure arms and self-draining wash pumps, manual labour is said to be reduced. Equipped with anti-blocking nozzles claimed to ensure constant powerful washing pressure, the hood machine is said to clean heavily soiled items.

Further features include an automatic cleaning programme and rinse temperature controlled by a thermal stop system. There is also an integrated HACCP control system.

Its large, deep tank is said to help protect against foaming whilst stainless steel components are designed for durability and reliable operation.

Designed with a double-skinned hood which is claimed to be heat- and sound-insulating, this feature could reduce energy consumption and improve the working environment for staff within the washroom.

An inbuilt dosing pump should ensure that the correct level of detergent is always used and adjustable temperature and rinse time settings are specific to the wash required.

Wexiodisk also provides a number of optional features for the new unit, including a foldable shelf which enables larger cooking utensils such as bakery trays, pots and pans and thermos boxes to be washed.

Additionally, an automatic hood with an autostart function, which senses when a basket is placed onto the rack before closing the hood and commencing the cycle, is available. Once complete, the hood lifts to allow the drying process to begin immediately, which is designed to eliminate watermarks and smears on crockery and cooking utensils.

A booster heater for a cold water connection can also be fitted which should enable a faster heat up time when cold water is filling the tank and a drain pump can be included. Operators can also externally view and record the HACCP data using Wexiodisk’s WEB tool.

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