Wexiodisk unveils most compact combi-warewashing system yet


A new compact warewashing system from Wexiodisk that boasts individually-adjustable water pressure arms will be available in the UK market from March.

The WD-12S, which has just launched in Scandinavia, will allow operators to simultaneously wash normal dishes and pans under a single hood, suiting those that are tasked with completing a high volume of varied warewashing tasks.

Wexiodisk said the machine is the most flexible, compact unit it has ever produced and allows operators to easily switch between normal dishwashing and potwashing functions, or activate both at the same time during a single wash cycle.

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David Glover, UK and Ireland country manager at Wexiodisk, said the WD-12S not only makes the lives of porters easier, but ticks multiple financial and space-saving boxes.

“With this exceptional new model, operators no longer need to invest in two separate warewashers. This of course makes for a wiser financial investment, both from an initial purchase point of view as well as a long-term operation perspective given that all of the components of the WD-12s have carefully been chosen to minimise the consumption of water, chemicals and electricity.

“On top of these environmental and financial savings, operators will also save valuable kitchen space when investing in our multi-functional WD-12s rather than two separate warewashing models.”

The WD-12S interior enables operators to wash two 60cm trays or baskets in a single wash cycle and measures 1295mm x 815mm x 2335mm.

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