Wexiodisk joins pot-washing battle


The ongoing reinforcement of its product portfolio in the UK has led Wexidosk to introduce a high-powered pot washer to its armoury.

The WD-90GR, which features in-built granular technology, officially takes the warewashing company into the granule-based pot washing sector as well.

Using a mixture of water, plastic granules and detergent, the WD-90GR reduces the need for pre-soaking and scrubbing of burnt-on food and stubborn residues.

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It can accommodate large pots, grills, gastronorm pans and mixing bowls, and is capable of racking four 1/1 containers or eight ½ containers. The unit can also be combined with other cassette options to increase flexibility and capacity.

Simon Frost, UK country manager for Wexiodisk, said: “The WD-90GR combines the latest in granular technology with a number of patented components to provide the operator with the means for an effective wash of even the most stubborn burnt-on food and residues.

“Flexibility is also a key benefit of the appliance with six wash programmes to allow for both heavily soiled and more delicate, fragile loads to be washed.”

The WD-90GR features a patented dual pump system featuring two wash tanks — one for the granule mixture and one with just water, achieving reliable granule separation and minimal use of rinsing water, according to the company.

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