Swedish warewashing manufacturer, Wexiodisk has launched the WD-4S Glass model into the UK market.

The latest addition to the undercounter warewashing family is said to feature the same manufacturing and design as its larger cousins.

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Merging what is claimed to be a quiet, yet efficient cycle with the capacity to wash up to 50 baskets per hour, equivalent to 1,000 glasses, the glasswasher should be capable of withstanding vigorous demand.

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This model has three specific cycles, each featuring wash times and water temperature which can be adjusted for different glass types.

The WD-4S Glass is claimed to feature a pioneering heat recovery system, designed to minimise the release of steam when opening the door whilst also allowing the unit to start pre-heating the incoming water for the following cycle thus said to save further energy and reduce the need for specific ventilation.

Additionally, this new airflow system utilises the steam generated to dry the glasses faster, plus it has a wash basket which tilts the glasses at the optimum angle, designed to ensure that the water does not run along the glasses’ surface.

The introduction of a new active filter should help to maintain the quality of the tank water for longer, while the automatic control of the water temperature reportedly ensures a high standard of hygiene and reduces the labour time spent on maintaining the machine.

It also features an inbuilt dosing system for both detergent and drying agents.

The WD-4S Glass is said to be equipped with a smart, touch sensitive, tempered glass display, intuitive icons for clear and simple operation and a vivid digital screen showing status indication, tank temperature and remaining wash time.

The glasswasher automatically empties the tank and refills itself, as well as dosing the correct chemicals and heating the water to the correct operating temperature, all at the push of a button.