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When it comes to social media, it’s fair to say I couldn’t exactly describe myself as an authority on the matter.

I opened my own Twitter account two years ago but can count the number of ‘tweets’ I’ve made on one hand, I use LinkedIn far too infrequently to understand how to get the most from it and I have never uploaded a video to YouTube in my life.

What I do know, though, is that you don’t have to be a massive fan of it to appreciate that it is a phenomenon which is adding an extra dimension to the tried and trusted ‘marketing mix’ that corporate organisations have traditionally relied on over the years.

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The likes of airlines, mobile phone providers, retailers, entertainment agencies and many other businesses selling services to Joe Public have understood the power of social media for a while now, and on a daily basis you’ll routinely see these organisations employing it to generate excitement about their products, handle customer issues and drive loyalty towards their brands.

Increasingly, social media is becoming a fundamental element of the B2B environment, too. And you can include the catering equipment sector within that.

For our June issue we took an in-depth look at how social media is being used within the market and it certainly proved to be an eye-opener.

It is fair to say that for every distributor that believes social media is a worthwhile investment, there’ll be another who regards it as a waste of time.

But irrespective of which camp your business falls into, there are more and more examples of dealers that are seeing tangible results from using it consistently and purposefully.

As more companies come to treat social media as an additional component of their overall marketing strategy, I’m sure we’ll be seeing it used in evermore creative and productive ways.

And inevitably, those that have been completely dismissive of the value of social media in business may eventually find it too hard to sustain their resistance.

For as one catering equipment company quite rightly pointed out, you’ve got to look at the long game. “The newer generation, whether it is an end-user, distributor or national account, are going to be so used to accessing their information in a non-traditional format that you really need to begin investing in that kind of material now.”

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