Welbilt creates takeaway solution

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Welbilt’s new takeaway offering consists of a Garland induction hob, multi-layer plate and delivery bag.

Welbilt UK launched a ‘Cook, Hold and Deliver’ solution to allow foodservice sites to cook, hold and deliver hot, freshly cooked takeaway items.

The package consists of a Garland powered by Inducs Instinct Hob, rechargeable multi-layer plate and compatible delivery bag.

Users can place the delivery bag (with the multi-layer plate in its pocket) on the Instinct hob and heat on level 10 for 1 minute to enable a charge that is said to keep food items hot for up to 50 minutes.

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Welbilt carried out a test to directly compare a standard insulated delivery bag with a delivery bag charged on a Garland powered by Inducs Instinct hob. The test is said to have shown that with the standard delivery bag, food items which were cooked and placed into the bag at 75⁰C (measured on top of the box) dropped to temperatures as low as 30⁰C in 35 minutes.

By contrast, the delivery bag charged on the Garland is claimed to have sustained food items at temperatures between 60⁰C and 65⁰C.

Steve Hemsil, sales director – UK and Ireland, Welbilt, elaborated: “One of the key factors that operators must consider when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction with takeaway food orders is how hot the food items will be when reaching the customer; after all, low temperatures not only affect the taste and texture of foods, but also present food safety risks due to increased risk of bacteria growth.

“With our Garland powered by Inducs delivery solution, caterers can be confident that hot food items will retain safe and desirable food temperatures considerably longer than a standard insulated bag.

“Ticking a box from a flexibility point of view, the Garland powered by Inducs Instinct hob can also be used to cook popular takeaway items too, from curries to stir fries, right through to pancakes and pasta.”

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