Water mist tap device promises to save money

Drenched Volumiser crop
The Drenched Volumiser fits onto taps to transform water into mist.

A water-saving invention which its Yorkshire creators say has the potential to change the world – and could save restaurants and hotels a fortune has hit the market.

The Drenched Volumiser is a device which fits onto a tap, transforming water into a fine molecular mist which warms on contact with air and skin.

Drenched believes this saves water, energy and money, as it claims the Volumiser means users can wash their hands in three tablespoons of water – a fraction of the amount normally used.

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Its inventor, Wes Sugden-Brook, revealed his creation is all down to gardening with his wife and two children.

“Afterwards we needed to wash our dirty hands,” said Sugden-Brook, who as a mechanical engineer helped major UK manufacturers to develop energy efficiency and green technologies.

He picked up the hosepipe, turned the nozzle setting to mist and as the grime disappeared, he had a Eureka moment.

“It cleaned our hands really effectively. Something clicked in my head about surface area and physics,” he said.

Sugden-Brook discovered such a product had never been launched before. Patents were gained and a small amount of equity was released to a manufacturer in Europe, which is now producing Drenched technologies under licence and will be soon be supplying tap manufacturers around the world.

Meanwhile, the Volumiser has now launched nationwide to the commercial marketplace via control solutions specialist Crompton Controls and suppliers Universal Office Products and Diamond Industrial.

And Drenched is reaching out to aid agencies WaterAid and Unicef to explore how the product could assist medical centres and provide sanitation in areas of drought, refugee camps and war zones.

“Other companies are coming up with similar ideas but we are way ahead of their game,” said Sugden-Brook. “We are the only company in the world which has this product on the market for sale right now and things are moving fast for us.”

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