Catering Insight‘s salary survey results regarding reasons to leave a role were led by how dealer employees feel about their wages.

128 respondents rated reasons from 1 to 5, with 1 being most likely to make a staff member quit and 5 least likely.

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No pay rise was graded as far and away the greatest reason why distributor employees would leave, with 38.24% rating this as 1.

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No new responsibilities within the same job and no promotion were both not main concerns for respondents, with 25% and 33.82% respectively rating the reason as 5/least important.

However, dealers need to ensure that teamwork is emphasised, as 29.41% of those surveyed rated not feeling part of a great team as most likely to make them quit, with a further 25% rating this as second in the list of importance.

No training or career development was seen as not so important, with 25% rating this as 5 and 20.59% rating this as 4.