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Ray Costelloe, founder and managing director of Contract Catering Equipment was one of the first to recognise the qualities in Adande Refrigeration and has installed its units as part of kitchen projects including the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Rib Room, Kensington Close Hotel and Galvin La Chapelle.

Here, he explains why he remains an Adande fan and why he recommends Adande Refrigeration to his customers.

“It’s quite simply because Adande offers the best temperature control on the market and every kitchen needs variable temperature control and a blast chiller. If an Adande is positioned in the correct part of the kitchen for that operation, it will enhance that operation beyond belief.

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Choosing an Adande with the blast chill facility is an inexpensive way of getting blast chill into the kitchen…it can be used as and when required, does not take up valuable space and means there is no need to outlay for a conventional blast chiller. The whole point of buying Adande is the flexibility of what it can achieve.

You can store anything in an Adande – every other fridge or freezer is +3-5degC or -18-22degC. Ice cream coming out of a conventional freezer at that low a temperature will bend the serving spoon; the ice cream is too hard.

In the Adande, you can set the unit to the perfect temperature and the ice cream comes out as a workable product.

For steak, the Adande provides the perfect controlled environment prior to cooking; for cheese the setting can be adjusted to keep the cheese in ideal condition for service and flavour.

Crustaceans normally need a bed of ice; the reason is that cold air in a conventional fridge will dry them out as it is moved around the product. The biggest difference with an Adande is that no ice is needed; because the cold air falls onto the product and does not move, they do not dry out.

We were one of the first to put Adande in the middle of the cookline, at the Kingswood Arms, Surrey, six years ago, right under the chargrill and griddle section.

We have recently placed an Adande under the outside barbecue/chargrill in the alfresco dining area of the Jumeirah Lowndes. We also place them – with the blast chill option – under combination ovens.

The whole idea of putting the Adande at the heart of the operation is that the staff are not racing around the kitchen, wasting energy and time getting the products they need.

Whether you need refrigeration for the larder section, meat or pastry – they all have different requirements. The Adande is different from other makes of refrigeration. It is seasonal in it’s flexability of product storage, where all products an be stored at exactly the perfect temperature to enhance the flavour and asssist the preparation and cooking procedure. It is not about what it holds it’s about what it does.

We make that point to potential customers, for example, by showing them how to use the Adande and then tasting the product that comes out of one. There is no talk then about going back to conventional refrigeration.

Adande is about people who have a passion for the product. The company and the staff are all passionate about it; they offer a very good service, are very approachable and very proud of their product.”


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