Vision Commercial Kitchens has not only provided the fabrication for The Old School BBQ Bus, a new mobile catering outlet, but also assisted with servicing and advice for the start up venture.

An American high school bus, imported from Arizona, Texas, has been transformed into a mobile catering outlet.

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It was completely stripped except for some seating and was fitted with commercial fabrication by Vision.

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There were huge wheel arches on the floor of the bus, so the legs of the benches had to be designed around these.

Vision fabricated a special serving hatch at the door of the bus.

Mark Fairley from The Old School BBQ Bus, said: “I can’t believe how Vision has transformed the bus within such a small space and timescale.

“They have managed to use and create worktop space so I can use the bus to its full potential. They took on board all my ideas and requirements and the serving hatch is ingenious.”

The bus will be used at different locations in the Oldham and Manchester areas, as well as for events, functions and festivals. Food served will include pulled pork and speciality burgers.

The bus was shipped from Texas to the UK and it took Fairley over eight hours to drive back to Manchester, as the maximum speed limit for the bus is 45mph.