Victor Manufacturing’s MD reveals how the firm is preparing for the future

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Victor Manufacturing MD Phil Williams reported his firm is operating with skeleton staff.

The impact of coronavirus (Covid–19) has been felt by everyone across the globe. Production lines have halted, trading has diminished and there’s more repercussions still to come. During these uncertain times, manufacturers need to streamline processes and adapt to be able to provide essential services to support key workers, in an effective way that adheres to government regulations.

Phil Williams, MD of Victor Manufacturing, discusses the actions Victor has taken to overcome the challenges and how he plans to evolve the company in preparation for the future, while supporting the country and its tireless efforts to keep everyone safe:

From large businesses to families and individuals, trying to prevent the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) has become a social responsibility for us all. Government regulations have made it clear that there are steps to follow to overcome the challenges ahead. The closure of businesses and public social distancing measures have left manufacturers with hard decisions to make, when it comes to protecting their companies and the essential manufacturing services they provide, while ensuring the health of their workforce is fiercely protected.

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Here at Victor, we’ve begun taking action to preserve the future of the business. Following the social distancing guidelines, we are currently operating with a skeleton staff – which has been provided with N95 face masks and surgical gloves to protect them. The workspaces are also thoroughly sanitised and cleaned throughout the week. This is something all factories manufacturing essential items must adhere to; less staff means more distance can be kept between them and it’s easier to disinfect workstations. Our factory staff are instrumental in helping us to supply essential products to the NHS, Care Homes and Ministry of Defence sites during this health crisis, which needs to continue during this time.

Alongside this, operating to manufacture additional stock of popular products has been a key requirement, such as key hot holding items, to meet the increased demand from hospitals, care homes and other MoD facilities. Utilising downtime to manufacture products which may be in higher demand given the current circumstances means we can be the first port of call should any emergency equipment need to be installed. It’s a good time to replenish supplies and make sure warehouses are full stocked to respond to an urgent need of any essential items.

To assist in the maintenance of existing projects or places where machinery is already in situ, the continued manufacture of spare parts and consumables ensures key equipment can be easily fixed in an emergency situation if a breakdown was to occur. In times of adversity, preparation is key, and being able to rely on replacement parts which can be delivered quickly helps to give customers responsible for running essential services great peace of mind.

With adaptations being made across all sectors, this is a time where manufacturers may be required to expend their services to cater to the needs of key workers and NHS facilities. If a factory has the ability to produce and supply items currently in high demand, this can be beneficial to businesses which are still running and require replacements or new parts. In addition, if next day or timely delivery can be offered, this helps to speed up the process as replacement parts are often needed urgently, so the faster they can be delivered and installed the better.

Similarly, fleets of delivery vehicles, can easily be registered to be used by the government if needed. Providing this additional support and service at such a crucial time can help those who need it most. The vehicles can be used to help transport medical equipment or supplies quickly if needs be.

These are all precautions and actions Victor has taken to best protect the business for the uncertain future ahead. At a time where all companies need to come together and do their bit for the safety of the country, it’s imperative these options are explored, and safeguards are taken. Tough decisions will need to be made by lots of business owners across the country, as we all adapt to a new way of living for the short term. While the government works to support our NHS, we all have a part to play, whether that’s staying at home or continuing to supply essential items and services, to keep our key workers going and to support their brave efforts in protecting the country.

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