Venta launches flexible induction buffet system

Vario buffet induction system – VENTA crop
The Vario induction buffet system by Venta gives the flexibility of using one, two, three or four induction units to keep food warm.

German brand Venta, known for its modular induction buffet tables, is launching an alternative to its standard range with the new Vario induction table system.

Vario is designed to offer flexible and variable use of induction heat for keeping food warm by allowing free positioning of induction units within the table.

While the Stage induction table has four field induction zones as standard, the Vario system gives the option to use one, two, three or four induction units in the table depending on the foodservice requirements. The flexibility is due to the single metal housing (tray) containing an induction unit that can be inserted under the tabletop.

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The Vario system is available in various table sizes from 800mm to 1,960mm long.

Venta believes that the main advantage of the Vario induction table system is that operators choose how many induction units are needed for their events.

The invisible undercounter induction is operated by the front control panel and, as there is no surface marking on the tabletop to show the induction zones, the table can be used for display all day.

As for any Venta system, the tables are height adjustable and on castors for easy movement or storage.

The Venta brand is supplied to the UK by Signature FSE.

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