Utopia enables ghostly experience with new glasses

Ghost Zero from Utopia crop
Nude’s Ghost Zero glasses are now available through Utopia.

Utopia has added the Ghost Zero glasses collection by Nude to its portfolio.

The range is designed to be both light and strong, thanks to ion shielding technology. They are so light and thin that there is almost no barrier between the drink and the drinker – which should enhance the whole experience.

With red, white and champagne versions, these Ghost Zero glasses are robust, and are said to offer the colour, brilliance, transparency, lightness and craftsmanship that are hallmarks of the quality expected from Nude glasses.

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There are two different collections. Ghost Zero Belly, which features a rounded bulbous bowl that transitions into tapering straight sides. This statement glass could be pared with standout drinks. While Ghost Zero Tulip has the classic tulip shape with smooth curves. Both collections also include a tumbler.

Josh Rammell, marketing manager at Utopia, said: “To be able to combine outstanding strength with such elegance is the USP of these Ghost glasses. They really are unbelievably light.”

Nude’s ion shielding technology is based on an ion-exchange process during manufacture, whereby larger ions are incorporated into the glass’s surface structure, replacing smaller ions, which cause the strains and stresses that cause micro-fissures leading to weaknesses.

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