Utopia believes its decorated glassware is up to the Covid-19 challenge

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Utopia believes its glassware decoration technique is up to the Covid-19 challenge.

Tableware manufacturer Utopia feels that its glassware decoration technique can stand up to the increased hygiene concerns in the Covid-19 world.

The firm reports an uptick in popularity of branded glassware to promote specific drinks and venues, but traditional decoration techniques can see the logos wear off quickly, particularly if sites are more frequently washing their glasses nowadays, or at higher temperatures.

Utopia believes what’s needed is glassware decoration that can take the punishment of a busy bar environment.

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Last year it introduced a Kammann printing machine and custom-built production facility, specialising in what it feels results in hardwearing custom printed glassware. Under the umbrella of Utopia by You, Utopia offers a full design service for bespoke decoration. The company’s design team uses 3D modelling to adjust the decoration for the preferred look and colour matching before production.

The technique used by the Kammann machine is said to offer an unlimited number of colours of print and a durable end product that’s claimed to be glasswasher safe at higher temperatures and up to 1,000 washes. It can be applied to embossed, debossed, recessed and curved surfaces and on toughened glassware. It is said to offers a much large print area than has previously been possible.

Using the latest digital and screen-printing techniques Utopia says it can now achieve a wide choice of decorative options for glassware branding. Utopia’s Kammann printing machine is claimed to enable this flexibility using both full-colour CMYK printing and a four-station screen print. It’s believed to be the largest machine of its type in Europe. Digital methods should mean that decal quality images can be achieved, including tonal work and full wrap around design.

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