Unox unleashes a ‘Beast’ of a combi

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Unox’s new Cheftop Mind.Maps Big Plus combi oven can cook 180 slices of bacon in less than 6 minutes.

Unox has introduced the latest heavy duty model in its Cheftop Mind.Maps combi oven series.

Big Plus, nicknamed ‘the Beast’, is available in versions GN 1/1, GN 2/1, designed with ultimate cooking performance and reliability in mind, which can carry out any type of cooking, fully loaded, 24 hours a day.

Capable of going from 30°C to 300°C in 270 seconds, the combi oven can cook 100kg of steamed potatoes in 35 minutes, grill 200 pork chops in 7 minutes and 180 slices of bacon in less than 6 minutes.

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The electric model’s linear heating elements and heat exchangers achieve even heat distribution on each tray, minimising temperature recovery times and optimising air flow for efficient cooking.

They are the only combi steamers on the market with Air.Maxi – six close-pitch motors, which are said to guarantee intense and uniform air flow on each tray, reducing cooking times and maximising productivity.

The Big Plus’s cooking chamber has been built to last with marine-grade stainless steel and a space-frame chassis designed to cope with extensive slamming, as is often the case in busy kitchens. The triple external glass should minimises energy loss and increase the amount of energy transferred to food by 10%, further speeding up the cooking process.

While the Steam.Maxi technology should ensure fast steam saturation with full and partial loads, the Dry.Maxi rapidly evacuates the humidity produced in the cooking chamber effectively.

Plus the Multi.Point core probe has four measuring points to immediately recognise the coldest point inside the food when inserted.

Regenerating plates of food with the plate trolley should be simple, as the built-in Big: Climalux uses artificial intelligence to control the moisture and dry heat. It’s capable of producing 51 plates of hot food at 65°C in just 12 minutes.

The Rotor.Klean automatic washing mode allows chefs to select the most suitable wash, leaving them to carry out other tasks while the oven cleans itself.

The Mind.Maps Plus interface features comprehensive intelligent technology in the form of both manual and Mind.Maps programming, fully automated cooking and baking processes – with 384 programs worth of memory, Multi, Time and Mise.En.Place programming to manage 10 concurrent cooking processes as well as simplified Ready.Cook programming.

Unox’s Data-Driven Cooking allows chefs to monitor and analyse the consumption of energy, water and detergents; record cooking times and count the number of minutes the door is open.

Users are able to convert energy and water consumption data into costs and to help improve profitability. They can also able to manage HACCP data to ensure maximum transparency and safety within the kitchen.

They can even remotely control their connected Unox ovens, monitor their operating statuses, analyse consumption reports, create and receive recipes that are recommend by DDC.Coach and send them to their ovens with a click.

Gary Nunn, MD of Unox UK said: “Unox has worked as a team, studying every process employed by oven users around the world, technicians dissected these processes into movements, actions and reactions to produce independent modules. Every detail was studied in detail from energy consumption to serviceability to produce what is the first of many innovations to be launched by Unox in 2019.

“The Cheftop Mind.Maps Big Plus, designed to complement the hugely successful Mind Maps range, uses the company’s philosophy of inventive simplification and state of the art symmetric design techniques. The Big Range, which features cutting edge technology, is stronger, harder, faster and better. It has numerous functional, ergonomic and aesthetic improvements which make them an undisputed leader in their category.”

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