Combi oven specialist Unox is planning to employ 260 more people by 2020.

It is unknown how many of the new staff will be in the UK, but the Italian manufacturer is forecasting significant growth and so is thinking in terms of human resources necessary for reaching its expansion goals in the market.

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CEO, Nicola Michelon, commented: “In 2007 our turnover was €40m and we were a simple manufacturer of ovens tied to external distributors.

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“From the following year we were able to become something more thorough by building an independent commercial structure that would allow us to work on the value chain and that would link clients directly to our brand.”

In 2015 Unox reached a turnover of €80m (+9% from 2014) after investment in marketing and distribution.

Furthermore, the brand’s smart ovens, featuring an Internet of Things concept, were launched in the second half of 2015 and subsequently Unox’s turnover increased by 23% in 6 months.