Unox revolutionises hot holding market

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The Unox Evereo ‘hot refrigerator’ was officially launched at last week’s Commercial Kitchen show.

Unox has brought a radically new technology to market which can store food at serving temperature for days or even weeks.

The Evereo ‘hot refrigerator’ utilises patented technology which is designed to preserve food safely by using accurate temperature and atmosphere control combined with modern insulation to avoid heat loss.

Evereo should always work safely above the danger zone for bacterial growth at two stabilised temperature options: 63°C and 70°C.

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Food can be held in three main ways within the ‘hot refrigerator’. Trays of cooked food can be stored at temperature for up to 8 hours, well over the 2 hours permitted by traditional hot holding cabinets.

The second use is for preserving food for up to 7 days, by vacuum-packing the food while it is still hot. Unox believes the Evereo maintains the dishes’ natural moisture, nutritional values and cellular structure, with the correct settings for the most common foods pre-loaded on its touchscreen control panel. To serve, the food just needs to be removed from the vacuum seal.

Then for storage for up to a month, Unox is offering the Evereo Marketplace, a virtual space that connects users with a network of approved vendors to obtain ready-to-sell dishes preserved in a modified atmosphere. Users can order the dishes through their smartphones, which are then delivered to the required site at around 4°C.

Upon delivery, the dish should be kept in the Evereo for at least 8 hours before serving, but it can then be stored in the unit for up to 1 month.

The manufacturer feels that the new technology can enable kitchen-less restaurants, with centralised or outsourced kitchen operations, as well as reducing food waste and serving times.

The series is available in two sizes. The compact 600 unit is 618mm deep, while the 535mm-wide 900 is designed for sites where width is limited, but is a little taller than its sister unit. Both models are able to accommodate 10 GN 1/1 and available with left or right door opening.

Two of the same sized units can be stacked, or one can be fitted under a Unox ChefTop Mind.Maps combi oven.

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  1. Its an amazing appliance with very useful and clever technology that will enhance, change and improve almost nay catering establishment saving time, waste and obviously £ , were looking forward to be receiving ours into our GastroLab soon, having worked with it on a number of demonstrations to clients in recent months its very exciting times and Delighted to be part of the exclusive team who will be promoting and distributing the Evereo with Unox.

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