While sous vide may have originated in France, it is definitely English commercial kitchens which have taken this cooking method to heart.

The technique of sealing food in airtight plastic bags and slow cooking it in water baths at a lower than normal temperature, typically between 60 to 140°C, remains popular in restaurants, as it should maintain the integrity of the ingredients and give a consistent and high yield end result.

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So it is no wonder that manufacturers are lining up to develop sous vide technology ever further. For dealers who are curious about the latest models on the market, Catering Insight presents a roundup of the current state of play.

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For instance, supplier FEM feels that the cooking method will continue to grow in popularity as it means food is unlikely to be overcooked, which reduces waste.

Therefore the firm offers two sizes of sous vide water batch, the Softcooker 2/3 and Softcooker 1/1, as well as the soft-cook stirred Sous Vide and the EasySoft sous vide and vacuum packer. FEM also supplies a range of separate vacuum packers.

The Sirman EasySoft is the latest model in the range, having been launched last year.

The company believes it is the only machine of its kind, as it combines a chamber vacuum packing machine and a low temperature cooking device in the one unit. As it is compact, the supplier also recommends the model for small kitchens.

FEM points out that the unit is designed to be easy to use and fast. Constructed from stainless steel, the appliance incorporates a display to see the temperature and operating time at a glance, and up to five programmes can be stored within the machine, as well as the last setting used.