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Rational’s Live online events are dedicated to specific sectors.

Graham Kille, technical sales director, Rational UK, details how the cooking equipment specialist supports dealers, customers and its own staff to stay at the cutting edge of product knowledge:

For Rational customers, buying the cooking system is just the start of the journey. Throughout the life of their iVario Pro and iCombi Pro they can look forward to the market’s most comprehensive support, with a package of training and education built around Rational’s ethos of ensuring their customers gain the maximum benefit from their cooking system.

The support ranges from Rational’s Chef Academies and Expert Chef webinars, where customers can expand their knowledge of their multifunctional cooking systems, to the ChefLine, which customers can call to get answers to specific questions. There’s also the option of self-help training, through Rational’s YouTube channel, the Rational Training App and via the ConnectedCooking platform. They give access to extensive resources including videos covering everything from recipes to day to day maintenance and cleaning.

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Rational’s support starts even before purchase, with a series of online Live events dedicated to specific sectors, ranging from pubs and hotels to hospitals, education and food to go. Here, potential customers can see the cooking systems in action as chefs prepare typical menus, while an expert host answers questions and comments from attendees.

Once a Rational cooking system is installed, on-site training from a highly experienced chef is the start of the ongoing relationship. This is very much a two-way street: by understanding their customers’ businesses, Rational’s team of chefs can help them get the most from their investment, such as helping them to develop specific cooking programs for their menu. Rational’s corporate chefs regularly work with larger customers and groups, for example to help with menu development. They also offer bespoke events at the Rational Training Centre in Luton, where a group of chefs from larger businesses can come to expand their knowledge.

Online education and training have developed hugely over the pandemic and Rational has been at the forefront of the drive to deliver safe, effective solutions, not only for customers but also for dealers and, indeed, Rational’s own employees. Alongside events such as the Live online and Expert Chef webinars, Rational has run a series of online seminars where expert panellists have discussed critical issues and opportunities in a variety of specific sectors, including ghost kitchens, pubs and hospitals.

The ongoing programme of regular training sessions with Rational’s Deal Dealer network is available in a choice of online Teams or face to face events. These sessions cover a huge range of topics, such as product training, marketing, sustainability, latest additions to the online dealer portal, ConnectedCooking, ROI, installation and service. As dealers started reopening showrooms, and customers became confident in visiting them, Rational also began delivering on-site, hands-on training with the cooking systems.

In 2022 Rational will be restarting its programme of educational factory visits for dealers, to the iVario Pro and iCombi Pro manufacturing and training centres.

A key aspect of Rational’s latest training courses is to help customers utilise the ConnectedCooking platform. As well as showing how to access the thousands of recipes and other educational resources, the training demonstrates how the platform can enhance business efficiency, covering aspects as diverse as HACCP logging, programming multiple cooking systems remotely, and service and maintenance.

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