Linda Lewis Kitchens has helped an Altrincham-based restaurateur become one of the first chefs in Britain to offer artisan, street food pizzas served from a trailer oven.

Richard Carver, the owner of Honest Crust Wood Fired Pizza, which calls Altrincham’s Market House ‘home’, recently purchased the wood-fired oven trailer for his outdoor event catering, calling on LLK to supply the equipment and get him up and running.

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The trailer oven that he owns is the first transpiring oven to discharge the moisture produced during the baking process and one capable of cooking between five and nine artisan pizzas at once.

The oven has something vital for outdoor caterers – the DEFRA certification that allows it to be legally operated, even in Smoke Control Zones. Honest Crust Wood Fired Pizza has no worries about being shut down, or fined, unlike caterers using non-certified outdoor ovens, according to LLK.

This oven also heats up quickly and retains heat superbly, eating up less wood and giving the chef more time to focus on food, rather than oven feeding.

The cherry red trailer oven has a dome shape that guarantees perfect equilibrium within the oven and superb cooking capabilities. Product consistency is constant, with no undercooking or burning.

Carver also chose the oven because it is so visually striking and in keeping with the aesthetics of his Market House-based eatery.

“The oven creates an instant wow factor when we pull up at events and performs magnificently over a full day’s trading,” he said. “The pizza consistency is fantastic and very similar to that we can produce with our static two-ton oven at Market House.

“We devote 72 hours or more to creating our naturally leavened sourdough, so needed an oven that allowed diners to taste and appreciate the TLC going into our pizzas. My new trailer oven does that magnificently.”

Linda Lewis, managing director of LLK, said: “This oven is a huge asset for outdoor caterers and we are delighted it is in the hands of a true artisan, who really feels the food being created and cooked and who can do it justice.”
Two sizes of the LLK Trailer Oven are available – the 120 or the 140 – with internal dimensions of 1200x1200mm and 1400x1400mm respectively.