TME sends alarm bells ringing with revamped design


TME Electronics believes it is pushing the boundaries of thermometer design with a new model that uses an alarm to improve food safety.

The new-look MM7000 Bluetooth Barcode thermometer is aimed at kitchen staff who need to set and save critical temperatures that will produce a visual alarm at the point of operation.

Currently the MM7000 uses barcodes to identify a location or product which enables the thermometer to record not only the accurate temperature, time and date of the measurement but also the unique identity of whatever has been measured.

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With the updated system, however, alarm values can be assigned to a barcode. The MM7000 uses these to give a visual warning of a Low or High alarm for a specific barcode.

“Faced with a bewildering number and variety of required temperature checks, there will no longer be any need to remember a series of critical temperatures as these will have been pre-set,” insists TM Electronics’ managing director Tom Sensier. “Also corrective action can be taken on the spot rather than waiting until after the critical event to find out that something went wrong.”

Once programmed, an alarm indication will be shown on the display every time the MM7000 scans the barcode.

The new alarms can be user-set to reflect whichever critical temperature range the customer chooses.

Each barcode includes a unique alpha/numeric code which represents the pre-set temperature range including the high and low alarm values.

If these alarm values are exceeded the user will be alerted and can take corrective action straight away.

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