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From hot holding displays to buffet appliances, beverage machines to glassware, tableware to accelerated cookers, so many catering equipment appliances now have to be designed for front of house usage.

Therefore to give distributors moving into front of house outfits an idea of what appliances will be required and available, Catering Insight has gathered together details of the latest front of house product launches and grouped them according to the type of operator sites they should predominantly be used for.


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Electrolux SpeeDelight grill

The Electrolux SpeeDelight grill combines the power of microwave, infrared, and conventional grill cooking, designed to quickly deliver optimum performance, and improve operational efficiency in comparison to traditional panini grills. Suitable for fast-paced environments in which operators are undertaking several tasks at once, the grill includes a finish function which ensures the lid automatically rises when the food is ready. It also features a ‘Perfect Squeeze’ function, which should ensure that the upper plate settles automatically onto the food with the right amount of pressure. The SpeeDelight has been ergonomically designed, allowing for quick set up anywhere on the countertop. It requires no ventilation, and its smooth edges, stable handles, and extra-large display should mean it is optimised for front of house usage. Electrolux reports that the SpeeDelight also consumes 60% less energy due to an energy saving mode.

Falcon Lainox Oracle high speed oven

Measuring just 358mm wide by 743mm deep and 578mm high, and able to fit on counters with a depth of 700mm, the Lainox Oracle high speed oven, available through Falcon Foodservice Equipment, is suitable for front of house cooking and small kitchens. The ovens incorporate three different methods of heat delivery: microwave, convection and impingement, for fast cooking, toasting and browning. Each method can be programmed individually to give the desired results. The Oracle is available in three versions: single phase, three phase and a model powered by a standard 13A plug socket. Dealers can advise their end user customers that the oven is designed to be easy and simple to control via a 7in touchscreen, it features Wi-Fi connectivity, and is available with a range of accessories.

Lincat Cibo high speed oven

Lincat’s recently-launched Cibo is a fast oven which can produce a wide range of cooked food in less than 3 minutes, using heat sources comprising convection, grill and a heated base. As it operates from a 13A plug and is ventless, it can be used in venues including cafés to create or expand the food offering to snacks and smaller items, such as toasted sandwiches, paninis, pizzas and baked goods. Lincat has designed the oven to be stylish for front of house usage, as it is available in four colours: merlot, black metallic, champagne and teal – plus stainless steel. Compact, at 616mm by 437mm, the user does not need to extend cooking times for multiple products, unlike microwaves. It will also work as a standard convection oven or standalone grill.

Turbochef Eco high speed oven

The Turbochef Eco is specifically built for front of house use. It is a speed oven, so therefore the food is made fresh to order quickly, normally faster than pouring a coffee. This unit was designed with cafés and coffee shops in mind, as it is only 560mm deep so that it can fit on the back of the counter. Plus it is powered by 13A so it works from a standard plug. The Eco is available in five various colours: stainless steel, black, blue, green, red and white. When specifying the oven, dealers can emphasise to operators the unit’s speed, energy efficiency, ease of installation and ease of use, as it is a touchscreen unit.

Moffat MHC1 display

Moffat’s MHC1 heated and chilled front of house display unit is designed to provide efficient service for large volumes of customers in a short time. As it combines storage for both hot and cold food displays in the one slimline unit, it is suitable for venues pushed for space. The MHC1 is designed to both show food off to its best advantage and hold food at the correct temperature. Moffat has developed a special circulating air system for its heated displays that gently warms the product – so pastries, such as sausage rolls and pasties, stay hot and fresh for longer. The Moffat MCH1 features rear doors allowing easy access for staff to re-stock the display area – they are sliding rather than hinged, to avoid blocking walkways when opened.

Williams Scarlet heated display

Williams’ Scarlet heated display has a slimline profile with a depth of 635mm, and is available in a choice of three widths: 710, 960 and 1,250mm. All three models are 1,855mm high. It uses halogen quartz lamps to ensure hot items such as pre-cooked pies, pasties and soups are kept safely. Food is displayed on the Scarlet’s three tilted shelves and the interior base, and the unit has four individually controlled temperature zones. Double wheel castors should enable easy positioning, while optional rear doors give staff easy access for restocking. An operating noise level of 35db is designed to ensure a peaceful browsing environment for customers. The unit is available in a range of colours as well as Williams’ bespoke vinyl wrap service, Chameleon, to suit an individual site’s décor and branding.

La San Marco V6 coffee machine

The V6 coffee machine is designed to combine high end form and function. Its V-shaped structure encloses a double-bank machine with six levers for coffee extraction and six groups of coffee dispensers, four steam lances and two for the delivery of hot water, thus allowing multiple baristas to work on a single machine. The V6 features a painted finish and tempered glass to see the internal workings. The model is available in three finishes: Classic pearl white, Avantgarde lava black and Trieste Elegance blue. The boiler is available in two versions: mirror polished stainless steel or gold-plated copper, while the hydraulic components are in polished brass and copper. V6 is also equipped with the LEVA CLASS (Controlled Lever Anti-Shock System) patent and the PID system to electronically control and regulate the boiler’s water temperature.

Aqua Cure iMeter mini flow meter

Aqua Cure’s new Bluetooth/WiFi connected flow meter was revised especially with espresso machines in mind. Therefore the iMeter mini features a high sensitivity turbine (the wheel which measures the literage passing through the meter) which should provide more accuracy in speciality coffee applications. This accuracy is crucial when a single shot of espresso measures around 30ml. The iMeter provides water volume and filter capacity data to users’ smartphones via Bluetooth and can also send data to cloud based software via WiFi using the optional iHub. This should allow users to check remaining filter capacity without having to visit site – currently said to be a unique proposition. The iMeter and iHub are designed to be easily retrofitted to existing filter system installations and are said to be suitable for all major brands.

Buffalo Bar Blender

The Buffalo Bar blender features robust stainless steel blades to slice through a variety of fruit and vegetables, designed to allow operators to create consistent smoothies with minimal effort. Additionally, the Buffalo Bar Blender can crush ice, for creating a range of iced drinks. The unit has a sound-dampening enclosure for front of house environments, where noise disturbance can adversely affect customer experience, as well as negatively impact interaction between staff. The appliance has 2.5litres of blending capacity, allowing operators to create more than one serving at a time. The unit’s base features a variable speed 1.68kW motor which powers the blade ranging from 10,000 and 28,000rpm. Both a digital control panel and a manual dial interface are available.


Instanta InstaTap

The Instanta InstaTap undercounter water boiler is suitable for environments where space is at a premium. Despite its compact size, the InstaTap is said to be capable of high capacity performance, meaning stadium kiosks can quickly and efficiently serve customers on match days. InstaTap models can offer either instant boiling or chilled water. Available in four capacities, the larger tank models can provide over 300 cups per hour using a power loading of 6.7kW. The electronic temperature control should mean every cup will reach users at their desired temperature. A tall tap option exists for users who want to fill taller mugs, jugs or cafetieres, and certain models feature an energy saving ‘eco mode’ to prevent energy from being wasted when the product isn’t in use. All InstaTaps are WRAS approved.

MEC2 livecookintable

The livecookintable equipment designed by German company MEC2 is suited for arena and stadia because it is portable cooking furniture, meaning that it can be moved within a venue to meet various hospitality requirements. Modular cooking components and working areas are slotted into the table frames freely and flexibly. The system’s own airwall cleans the air coming from the cooking devices, plus it is designed to be discreet in terms of noise level. The unit was designed as cooking furniture for front-of-house, using induction for cooking. Customers can choose to add blinds to the tables (front and side) and there is a wide choice of cover materials in different textures and colours so the livecookintable equipment matches the venue’s style, whether modern or traditional.


Unox Evereo cooker and preserver

The Evereo by Unox is an innovative and technological temperature-controlled cooker and preserver, which uses patented technology. The Evereo can cook and hold food without traditional blast chilling, cold storage and regeneration, allowing the serving of food within a few seconds. The unit has two set preserving temperatures: 63°C for vegetables, fish, soups and sauces, and 70°C for ready meals and protein meat dishes – which are both above the danger zone temperature for bacteria growth. This allows users to vacuum pack raw items, cook and hold them for up to 7 days, and the cooked food can stay in perfect condition for up to 8 hours, while manufactured vac packed ready meals can be held ready to serve for up to 1 month. A variety of sizes are available: Cube, 600 and 900.

Vollrath induction buffet warmers

FEM’s Vollrath Mirage Induction Buffet Warmer offers a solution for caterers looking for safe ways to keep food warm throughout service. It offers four power levels and runs off a single 13A plug. Up to three units can be connected together to provide a bank of buffet warmers. Designed to be subtle, low-profile and attractive, the unit should coordinate with any serving set-up. The warmers are available in either countertop or drop in models to suit varying customer needs. Safety features include overheat protection, small-article detection, pan auto-detection and empty-pan shut-off. The warmers feature four power levels – low, medium, high and chafer preheat. They can be interconnected to one electrical outlet to simplify the planning and management of power cords, access to outlets and load capacity.

Liebherr WTes 5872 wine display cabinet

The Liebherr WTes 5872 wine display cabinet allows venues to display and store fine wines and Champagne in front of diners. This cabinet and its two sister models feature dimmable LED lighting, untreated hardwood shelves and a UV protected double glazed door, designed to create a stylish and high-quality appearance. The WTes 5872 is said to have solid build quality with re-enforced door frame, and three separate heating, cooling and air filtration circuits. These elements are said to combine in form and function to create appealing design, and practical features to effectively store and display wines. The unit is claimed to offer accurate temperature control, and each zone can be temperature adjusted at any time to suite different customer needs for different types of wine.

Grunwerg infuser jugs

Grunwerg’s latest 45oz infuser jugs are made of a polycarbonate body with a non-drip spout. They have a removable strainer to prevent fruits or tea leaves from getting into the drinks when pouring. Available in white IJ-450W and black IJ-450BK to suit any front of house style, the jugs are designed to be ergonomic and easy to clean, and suitable for ice cold, tea or fruit-infused flavoured drinks. A 2litre fruit infuser jug FI-200 is also available, featuring a removable infuser core where fruits or tea leaves can be kept. Again, this should prevent any of the fruits or leaves from ‘floating’ in the drinks. Grunwerg believes its infuser jugs provide front of house opportunities to offer guests alternatives to plain water jugs.

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Zerica Natura Hot’n’Cold drink dispenser

The Natura Hot’n’Cold is designed to be a compact, high throughput total drinks solution with no single-use plastic, which dispenses coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, iced tea, hot water, juice and chilled water all from one machine measuring 33W x 43D x 71H cm. End users are able to view nutritional information and watch promotional videos on the unit’s touchscreen before choosing their drink. Constructed from stainless steel, the appliance’s exterior can be personalised by wrapping it with customised graphics. The dispenser uses IoT technologies to help minimise running costs, downtime, repair costs and ecological impact. Information from all installed machines can be viewed on one dashboard via a dedicated internet portal. Technical metrics are available (including voltage, pressure and temperature) to give high levels of control and remotely problem-solve.

Beer Grill Culinario Master Touch display

Exclusive Ranges brings the latest innovation in food holding and food presentation drop-in and countertop units from Beer Grill to the UK. The Culinario range is built to ensure food remains at its optimum and avoids cross contamination of allergens. As well as minimising direct contact of foods, the serving drop-ins feature air curtains between each food tray to prevent airborne contamination of allergens. Users can set the suitable temperature and climate for each gastronorm pan, including dry, humid, crushed ice and neutral to maximise the quality of food being served. The display can also be converted from self-service to attended, for flexibility, using a touchscreen. The equipment can be dropped into shop fitted units – enabling operators to build a service area using brand colours and logos.


Alfa Qubo pizza oven

The Qubo is the latest compact flame, gas-fired pizza oven from Italian manufacturer Alfa Pro, available through Jestic Foodservice Equipment in the UK. It can be used in open kitchens to create a sense of theatre front of house. Designed to be quick and easy to install as it weighs just 142kg, it can be connected to either an LPG or methane supply. The Qubo is made from stainless steel, giving a contemporary look, and so should be hygienic and easy to clean. At 700mm or 900mm deep, the unit can work as a countertop oven or is available with a matching base for the Qubo90 model. It can reach an optimum working temperature of up to 450°C in 30 minutes, baking Neapolitan style pizza in 1 minute and cooking up to 80 pizzas per hour.

Panasonic NE-1878 microwave

The NE-1878 with inverter is the latest microwave to be launched by Panasonic. It features a full metal door, which is said to enable the oven to be located front of house. Replacing transformer technology for an inverter means the oven is 30kg lighter than its predecessor so it should be more manoeuvrable. The NE-1878’s inverter technology has been shown to offer over 6% in power savings and could save a multi-site operator in running costs. The inverter should also offer gentler, more even cooking. A removable ceiling plate is available for ease of cleaning, and a spare so the oven can remain operational while the ceiling plate is being washed. An alert on the LCD panel shows if the ceiling plate isn’t in place and will render the oven inoperable if someone attempts to use it.

Ubert CAM1400 front cooking station

The Ubert CAM1400 compact mobile extraction system for front of house cooking is available from Euro Catering in the UK. The station can host a variety of complementary Ubert appliances including a ceramic griddle plate, chargrill, electric griddle and induction wok cooker. The filtration unit has a front recirculating extraction canopy with four-stage filtration and, being front-venting, this should allow the equipment to be made in any length to suit the individual requirements. Low glass at the front and the height of the unit are designed to make the cooking process easy to view, generating the involvement of the customer with the food being prepared for them. Additionally, although the extraction system comes in stainless steel as standard, it can be supplied with decorative panelling on request.

Roband DM21 milkshake mixer

Supplied to the UK via Metcalfe Catering Equipment, the Roband DM21 range of milkshake mixers was designed specifically for front of house usage, available in finishes comprising red, white, black, graphite, seaspray or metallic. Also designed for hands-free operation, the unit has what is said to be a powerful two-speed motor, protective cover, and a patented ‘Saturn’ shaped beater which creates ‘fluffy’ shakes. An additional stainless steel beater cuts through ice cream for a richer result. The standard 710ml (24fl.oz.) steel cup can be removed without tilting and can be rested on the cup support for hands-free mixing. Cleaning the mixer should be simple and spillages can be easily removed from the wipe clean base. There is a separate two-speed on/off switch with protective cover, while the stainless steel mixing spindle is said to be high performance.

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Crem Spengler CL22 hot beverage machine

Crem’s fully automatic hot beverage machine, the Spengler CL22, can fulfil the requirement for a user friendly, quick-serving, quality drinks dispenser. Developed with patented brewing technology, the unit enables users of any skill to create a range of hot beverages, to a claimed authentic, consistent standard the simple touch of the screen. Crem has developed an array of customisable coffee options such as brewing strength, dose size and coffee styles with the CL22. Plus the Welbilt group manufacturer has focused on the appearance of the model in addition to technology and functionality. The 15” touch screen interface can be customised according to a venue’s decor or graphic profile. Crem can offer thorough training, from an operational, technical, maintenance and management point of view.

Scanomat TopBrewer Pro coffee machine

The TopBrewer bean-to-cup coffee machine features a ‘unique’ undercounter design and is said to comfortably and consistently serve up to 400 premium, barista-quality drinks per day. As well as bean-to-cup coffee, TopBrewer serves hot water for tea, hot chocolate and chilled still and sparking water from the same unit. The stainless steel 360°-swivelling swan neck design saves counter space and is designed to operate quietly, whilst the simple app interface control is said to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to personalise their beverage to meet their exact taste. The app can also be downloaded to smartphones to allow users to save and dispense their favourite drinks. The new Dual-Milk Fridge means consumers can choose between two different milks, including dairy-free options.

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