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The Hobart Premax FPS-10B.

With the huge amount of warewashers available in the UK marketplace currently, it would be understandable if catering equipment dealers were unsure which to type to specify for different venues. Here, Catering Insight helps to clarify requirements by quizzing leading warewasher manufacturers and suppliers.


Hobart Premax FPS-10B
Suitable sites: Pubs and bars, restaurants and hotels
Capacity: 45 cycles per hour
Features: Four key innovations comprise: the WashSmart app, which lets operators monitor the integral functionality of the machines; a new Top-Dry drying function, which converts humid air from the washing process, re-introducing it into the wash chamber as hot drying air; Vapostop², which uses a ventilation system to extract the hot 60°C waste steam from the inside of the machine; and the Visiotronic-Touch control.

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Maidaid C515WSD
Suitable sites: Price conscious end users
Features: The Maidaid C515WSD comes with an internal automatic water softener, break tank, drain pump, accurate detergent/rinse aid peristaltic pumps and surface scrap tray filters all as standard. With a selectable energy saving mode and the ability to tailor cycle times (between 70 and 240 seconds) to sites’ requirements, this machine is designed to be a versatile and cost effective option.

Meiko M-iClean UM GiO
Suitable sites: Bars, restaurants, coffee/tea shops and hotels
Capacity: Up to 40 baskets per hour
Features: GiO reverse osmosis water treatment is designed to ensure clean results and eliminate hand polishing. GiO removes the need for a water softener, saving space. The GIO module can also be sited remotely, so the dishwasher can fit neatly under low countertops. The UM model features the M-iClean AirConcept system which cuts energy use by up to 15% while improving indoor air quality.

DC Products EGP40 IS D
Suitable sites: Cafes, pubs and bars requiring a quick turnaround of glasses
Capacity: 480 glasses per hour
Features: An extra 40mm loading height enables washing of tall stemmed glasses. Designed to be fast, efficient and economically friendly, the entry level glasswasher has a 2.4litre water consumption per cycle. An optional rinse thermo-lock is said to deliver perfect rinse temperatures. Featuring a 14litre wash tank, the EG40 IS D can operate from a traditional 13A socket.

Winterhalter UC
Suitable sites: Bars, cafés, restaurants, bottle shops and satellite kitchens
Capacity: Glasswashers up to 77 racks per hour, dishwashers up to 66
Features: Available in four sizes from small-XL, the UC series of undercounter glasswashers and dishwashers have been upgraded for energy and water efficiency. A smartphone-style touchpad control panel is designed to be easy to use. The UC’s performance is based around a total redesign of the wash arm, including changes to the water channels.

Prodis EV50
Suitable sites: Coffee shops, cafes and bistros
Features: Upper and lower wash arms allow the multi-functional EV50 to be used for glasses, cups, saucers and side plates and the 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10-minute wash cycles are tailored to suit the items while the ¾ horsepower wash motors ensure cleaning quality. The 6kW rinse tank element and 2.8kW wash tank element are designed to ensure the EV50 heats quickly from start-up.

Smeg UD512DUK
Suitable sites: Coffee shops, bistros and cafés
Capacity: 120 baskets per hour
Features: The double-basket unit is designed to allow maximum throughput of same sized items in compact wash up areas. It can simultaneously wash two 500x500mm baskets, while the upper basket can be positioned on two heights. Constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel, the 11litre machine is the quietest in class.

Classeq Duo D400DUO
Suitable sites: Cafés, pubs, bars, small restaurants and offices
Capacity: 270 plates per hour
Features: The D400DUO comes with a 400 x 400mm basket. With a choice of 2, 3 or 5 minute wash cycles, the machine’s electrical configuration is 13A single phase, but this can be upgraded to a 13A three phase, or 30A single phase.

Wexiödisk WD-4S
Suitable sites: Bars, pubs and cafés
Capacity: Up to 50 baskets per hour
Features: The unit is designed to have a quiet efficient wash cycle. The compact machine is said to withstand vigorous demands and is operated at the push of a button. The WD-4S Glass edition offers three wash programmes, each featuring tailored washing times and water quantity.

Electrolux Professional E-Flex
Suitable sites: Caterers, cafés and pubs
Capacity: 30 baskets per hour
Features: The compact glasswasher, with 400mm x 400mm baskets, can be operated via a single button control. The stainless steel construction allows for easy cleaning, while the double upper and lower wash arms are designed to enable good results.


Maidaid Evolution 2035WS
Suitable sites: High end sites
Features: Special cycle options include a glass cycle that automatically changes parameters to suit; a sanitising cycle that balances wash time and temperatures to achieve a standard rating of AO30; a long cycle for intensive wash or glass renovation; a green cycle for economy; ACT, an intensive cycle for the dirtiest products by running two complete cycles; and a comprehensive automatic self-cleaning cycle.

DC Products OD1450A CP D SHR
Suitable sites: Any busy site
Capacity: Up to 120 baskets an hour
Features: The double-hood passthrough uses an innovative system to manage the rinsing process, temperatures and pressures as well as ensuring the correct dispensing of chemical products. An Intelliwash basket-sensing system automatically detects when only one basket is loaded, while a steam heat recovery system is said to save up to 25% of energy usage. Trays and plates can be washed in one cycle thanks to the two zones.

Meiko M-iClean HM
Suitable sites: Any caterer requiring high quality hood type dishwashing, including marine, education, care homes, bars, restaurants, staff feeding and hotels
Capacity: Up to 60 baskets per hour
Features: Includes three types of heat recovery system, saving up to 21% energy compared to previous Meiko machines and making the work area more comfortable to work in. An auto-hood with 5-year warranty should speed up the process and improve ergonomics, while a moveable control panel suits operator height and ergonomics. A patented optional drying table should speed up the process too.

Hobart Premax AUP
Suitable sites: Any medium sized site across the hospitality and education sectors
Capacity: 70 cycles per hour
Features: The Power Plus Wash programme is designed to eradicate rigorous manual pre-washing. The patented technology employs steam washing to remove residues including dried proteins and starch residues. Knives and forks can also be washed without prior soaking. Plus the Permanent-Clean filter system directly pumps all the soil carried into the machine out of the dishwasher, meaning dirty plates can be stacked directly in the rack.

Classeq P500A
Suitable sites: High volume sites and cafés, pubs, bars, restaurants and offices
Capacity: 720 plates per hour
Features: The digital P500A is suitable for straight-through or corner situated operations Three wash cycles (2, 3 and 5 minute) are designed for maximum output and wash quality. A digital LCD display allows users to adjust key settings.

Smeg HTY511DH
Suitable sites: High volume sites such as restaurants, pubs and care homes
Capacity: 60 baskets per hour
Features: The hood type has an integral patented steam condensing heat recovery system on the rear. A narrow width of 620mm and a front mounted hood lifting handle and hood mounted controls are for easy corner installation.

Wexiödisk WD-6 Duplus
Suitable sites: small-medium scale facilities such as restaurants, pubs and schools
Capacity: 50 baskets per hour
Features: Utilising a patented system that uses just 1litre of fresh water per cycle, the WD-6 has the ability to generate energy savings. The unit has a compact footprint and user-friendly features including an auto-start function.

Rack conveyor

Meiko UPster K
Suitable sites: Those requiring high volume dishwashing
Capacity: 120-250 racks per hour
Features: Heat recovery is built into the machine, allowing use in areas with restricted height. Extraction at the entry and discharge sections of the machine is recommended; but not a direct connection to the machine, provided that suitable air changes are available within the area. Plus a blue colour coded cleaning system simplifies cleaning so staff can easily identify parts that need removing for cleaning.

Winterhalter PT-L
Suitable sites: Restaurants, hotels, schools, universities and other operations
Capacity: 72 racks per hour (dishwashing) and 77 racks per hour (glasswashing)
Features: The PT Series was the market’s first passthrough with energy-saving heat exchange technology fitted as standard, reducing energy costs by up to a claimed 10%. The Climate Plus version, acts as an air conditioner, pumping cool, dry air into the wash area. The latest version also has an energy control system that speeds up the washing process.

Hobart CP series
Suitable sites: Multiple industries from hospitals to canteens, university and large school sites
Capacity: Up to 320 racks per hour
Features: Three improvements comprise: a rack-flow sensor system that allows loading over its length; the updated Infotronic user interface provides key information and allows one-touch programming; and the Dynamic-Dry function employs fan technology to increase drying efficiency by 50%.

Maidaid Evolution Minirack R3030
Suitable sites: Busy sites such as, hotels, restaurants, large schools, garden centres, sports stadiums and care homes
Capacity: 50-400 racks per hour
Features: The compact design has been further developed to reduce water, energy and chemical consumption, with water consumption up to 35% less per cycle than a pass through model, using as little as 1.2litres per rack. It can also cater for eclectic tableware due to a large useable height.

DC Products DC1500A
Suitable sites: Large restaurants, hotels and schools
Capacity: Up to 1,350 plates per hour
Features: The DC1500A Mini Rack is designed to increase production when compared to standard passthroughs while managing to fit into small wash-up areas, measuring 1,190mm wide. It includes a fully automatic start-stop economiser function, temperature readouts and double skinned construction.

Wexiödisk WD-153 ICS+
Suitable sites: Larger venues such as hotels, restaurants and universities
Capacity: 70 to 285 baskets per hour
Features: The Intelligent Control System (ICS+) sensors eliminate the empty spaces normally found between the baskets while they are being washed, saving up to 70% of energy. While the Constant Rinse Time (CRT) monitor calculates the level of water required depending on the speed chosen.

Electrolux Professional green&clean rack type
Suitable sites: A range of catering outlets
Capacity: 150 to 300 racks per hour
Features: One of the only rack type dishwashers with a CO2 heat pump, the unit is claimed to use 63% less water, 34% less energy, and 62% less detergent and rinse aid than competitor models. Its adaptive touchscreen interface has clear graphics to guide the user, including simple animations with minimal text.

Classeq CST 130
Suitable sites: Larger pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and offices
Capacity: 130 racks per hour
Features: The machine is equipped with single button controls with automatic rack feed sensors. Quick release wash arms and a side-opening door enable easy cleaning. Made in Britain, the WRAS-approved CST has a type ‘AB’ air gap which prevents dirty water from going back into the mains water supply.

Krupps Evolution line EVO311
Suitable sites: Those requiring large capacity
Capacity: 200 baskets per hour
Features: The Evolution Line is equipped with a double filtration system that retains all residues, whereas the vertical wash pumps and stainless steel wash arms should ensure great performance. Evolution is also equipped with counterbalanced doors with double wall and anti-fall system and rounded moulded tanks.

Flight type

DC Products DCF3500A
Suitable sites: High capacity catering sites such as hospitals, large hotels, events companies, airports and any busy catering site requiring continuous operation
Capacity: 2,020-8,860 plates per hour
Features: Incorporating the latest performance and efficiency technology to reduce water and energy consumption, all DC flight conveyors use high performance self-draining wash pumps and feature a panoramic wash zone. The fully automated, energy- and cost-saving economiser function should reduces steam, thermal acoustic pollution and operator intervention. Insulated boilers reduce heat loss further, enabling high temperature water to be maintained in the double rinse zone.

Wexiödisk WD-B500
Suitable sites: Industrial catering facilities at airports, stadia, and exhibition space or for the food departments of large public sector sites
Capacity: 3,190 plates per hour
Features: The WD-B500 is a fully customisable, made to order, flight type machine. Ergonomically designed, the machine consumes 4.5-5litres per minute, reusing waste water from the wash tank in the initial rinse tank for greater efficiency. Long cleaning zones combine with pumps to achieve wash results, while the unit includes easy to operate controls and is entirely made from stainless steel components.

Meiko M-iQ
Suitable sites: Those requiring highest volume dishwashing, such as airline and transport catering, catering equipment/glassware hire companies, schools, staff feeding, hotels and banqueting and garden centres
Capacity: 1,730-8,930 plates per hour
Features: An M-iQ energy concept with an optimum energy balance essentially saves 30% energy costs compared to the previous Meiko generation. GreenEye technology ensures the washing belt is fully utilised, while AirConcept usually omits the need for an exhaust air connection. AirComfort drying with AirStream technology comprises guided air flows that keep heat energy in the system and ensure good drying and rinsing results.

Winterhalter STR 130
Suitable sites: Hotels, schools, universities and event caterers
Capacity: Up to 130 racks per hour
Features: This single tank rack conveyor is 1,600mm long and includes zone rack activation which automatically reacts to the volume of racks being put through it. The machines have clear control panels that use icons. The STR is available in an Energy version with an energy exhaust air heat recovery system that should minimise costs and save up to 6kWh per washing hour.

Hobart FTPi
Suitable sites: Large-scale catering operations, for example large hotels, hospitals, universities and airports
Capacity: Up to 7,420 plates per hour
Features: Exclusive TwinLINE technology makes it possible to wash trays on a separate conveyor while the other items are being washed. The system is designed to increase capacity without increasing footprint and should make washing up to 30% faster. Plus the Permanent-Clean automatic soil removal provides filtration in the pre-wash zone with automatic and continuous soil removal, saving up to 20% detergent.

Maidaid FX540
Suitable sites: Large cafeterias, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and large holiday resorts
Capacity: 4,200 to 6,360 dishes per hour
Features: Designed for continuous operation, the machine benefits from a wide 720mm belt which maximises productivity. Different belt options are available depending on specific site requirements. The belt eliminates the need for plate baskets, while the belt fingers are designed for strength and durability, holding products at the optimum angle for best cleaning. The machine is bespoke to end users requirements, with numerous modular designs available.

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