With the commercial refrigeration industry having spent years of time and effort preparing itself for the EU’s Ecodesign directive coming into force on 1 July, it was an unfortunate coincidence that saw the UK vote to exit the EU on 23 June just before the regulations came online.

This put the whole future of the rules into doubt in this country, and could render redundant the expense that manufacturers have had to chalk up to rate all their cabinets according to minimum energy performance standards (MEPS).

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However, Jon Usher, head of UK sales and marketing at manufacturer, Lec Commercial believes: “With the foodservice industry having already worked through the process of refrigeration testing and evaluation in order to comply with the EU legislation on energy labelling, we believe there will be little immediate impact following the Brexit vote.

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“In the short to medium term, the UK remains inside the EU until a formal exit is negotiated.

“In the long term, I would expect British manufacturers will still be required to comply with EU regulations if they wish to continue to sell their product in the EU.

“Therefore, we believe compliance with the labelling regulations will be an ongoing requirement.”

He analysed: “As a nation we’re looking to be more responsible in terms of sustainability.

“It would therefore be a strange decision for a government to introduce legislation that goes against this greener drive.