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EauVation’s systems are fitted with a patented water filter which has been designed to capture up to 99% of impurities.

Serving filtered water at catering outlets can be a boon for sustainability. Classeq brand EauVation is a major force in this sector, providing filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water systems, with over 800 installations in the UK.

Marketing manager Adam Lenton detailed: “EauVation has spent years focusing on how water, health, sustainability and value for money can be combined to transform how organisations provide drinking water. The result is premium water dispensers that deliver pure tasting and clean filtered drinking water that has a positive impact on health, wellbeing and productivity.

“EauVation consults with its dealers to ensure the end user purchases the system that is right for its establishment. All of the sustainability and other key benefits of the EauVation systems are communicated to its dealers as part of the ongoing training and education with them, so they can, in turn, sell these benefits onto the end user.”

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The firm believes these benefits include a 95% lower carbon footprint. “We promote to our dealers that if the end user purchases a filtered water system there is no longer a need for them to buy single-use plastic bottled water,” said Lenton. “Not only does switching to EauVation demonstrate a commitment to a more sustainable future, it also eliminates the environmental impact of transportation, packaging waste, storage and refrigeration, reducing an establishment’s carbon footprint.”

Every filtered water system is fitted with EauVation’s patented filter which has been designed to capture up to 99% of the impurities (such as dirt, bacteria, contaminants and chlorine) that affect the taste, smell and appearance of drinking water.

The water is dispensed into reusable, refillable glass bottles. The glass can be printed with the end user brand’s logo or message. Lenton underlined: “This provides customers in the hospitality sector with a unique opportunity to serve great tasting water that matches its brand — creating an additional revenue stream for premium filtered water.”

Furthermore, EauVation has over 80 directly employed service and installation engineers across the UK and Ireland. Its systems and processes are automated to ensure that six monthly filter changes and sanitising health checks are completed regularly. All systems are serviced by EauVation engineers to take away this concern from dealers.

Elsewhere, the Water Smart Foundation supplies and outfits Water Enhancement Technology by WET Holdings in restaurants. The WET fountain cleanses and enhances the water direct from the mains, removing micro plastics and creating alkaline ‘super-premium’ water.

The firm installs the technology for free with an agreement that the outlet is charged a small amount per litre, or that the charity is given a percentage of the amount charged to customers for the water.

Mel Ragnauth, chief commercial officer at WET Global explained that his company’s technology works off existing water piping in foodservice sites.

Mel Ragnauth, chief commercial officer at WET Global explained: “Our technology purifies and then enhances the water to a high pH. This is by using a natural process and using trace minerals. Other suppliers use alternative non-sustainable technologies that produce water waste, require large amount of consumables and require large amounts of electricity power to produce high pH water.

“Our AES (Activated Enhancement System) for the beverage industry can be used for zero alcohol, fermented and sugar free beverages – catering operations can provide an on-site premium water product without the requirement to transport or store additional products. Our aim is help remove single use plastic from the environment so we install our systems with no consumables and customise glass bottles for the restaurants and thus producing less carbon footprint.”

He further emphasised: “Our technology also requires less installation piping as we work off the existing piping that is in place in restaurants and venues.

“Our systems create no waste and no power is required for the purification or further enhancement to the water. The enhancement takes place through the processing of abundant natural minerals which is fully sustainable.”

WET gives marketing materials and documents on the sustainability and benefits of its systems to dealers, suppliers and end users, while also providing initial training sessions for operators.

Ragnauth added: “We supply an app for B2B and B2C companies to help them understand the quality of the water and the efforts our charitable partner, the Water Smart Foundation, undertakes in trying to help eradicate single use plastic from the environment.”

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