Taylor UK now offers automatic self-contained fryer

Taylor UK now supplies the Perfect Fry automatic countertop fryer crop
Taylor UK now supplies Middleby UK’s Perfect Fry automatic countertop fryer.

Taylor UK is now supplying Middleby UK’s Perfect Fry PFA automatic countertop deep fryer.

The PFA is available in four different models with cooking capacities ranging from 22kg/hr to 40kg/hr. The PFA’s cooking process is automatic: staff put product into a front loading drawer, which is then automatically moved to the oil vat, then removed and dispensed once it has been cooked. The next batch can be prepared as the previous one is cooking, helping to increase output.

Each unit features a three-stage integral ventless hood with HEPA-style air filtration technology. This should ensure no odours or excess heat are released during the cooking process, making it suitable for use front of house. With a footprint of 434mm wide, 409mm deep and 762mm high, the PFA can allow smaller locations to safely offer a range of deep fried menu items.

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Controlled with a simple pushbutton and LCD screen system, the PFA has three different control modes. Rapid cook will automatically start a cooking cycle once the current load is fried and dispensed, increasing output to cope with periods of high demand. Preset mode allows for staff to select one of nine user defined cooking programs, and in manual mode the time is set individually.

Sensors help to control and adjust the cooking time, to account for fluctuating temperatures caused by, for example, colder product being added to the oil. A standby mode reduces power consumption during less busy periods, helping to reduce energy usage.

All internal components are designed to be released in under a minute, and each component can be removed independently. This should allow the recommended weekly cleaning schedule to be completed in less than an hour.

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