Grimsby-based dealer, Sylvester Keal, is to launch its own commercial laundry division.

The company reports it has negotiated competitive pricing for laundry equipment direct from the manufacturers themselves.

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“We will bring not only our excellent customer care but offer exceptional pricing options for quality laundry equipment,” stated the dealer.

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In support of this, Sylvester Keal has charged sales and marketing co-ordinator, Adam Todd, with being its ‘laundry champion’ by managing laundry sector sales.

The firm stated: “Adam brings innovative and exciting ideas to Sylvester Keal, and with customer care pivotal within the company, he ensures this value is carried out and spread across the whole of the UK.”

Todd will be offering the dealer’s customers a no obligation review of their laundry equipment to identify how they can save money on laundry, energy and electricity costs.