Swiftclean appointed as exclusive UK supplier for ductwork cleaning brand

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Hoom Technik’s ductwork cleaning products are now available from Swiftclean in the UK.

Ventilation ductwork cleaning specialist Swiftclean has been appointed the exclusive supplier of Hoom Technik ductwork cleaning products in the UK.

This follows a trial use by Swiftclean of the range in its work over the preceding 12 months, including a project providing kitchen extract fire safety cleaning to a major fast food franchise.

Hoom Technik products are designed specifically to remove grease deposits, dust, debris and other impurities from ventilation ductwork and kitchen extract ductwork, which could aide compliance with TR19 and TR19 Grease.

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The Hoom Technik product range includes the Model L, a heavy-duty brushing machine for cleaning long runs of ventilation ductwork from 100 – 800mm; and the Model S, a lightweight suitcase-style brushing machine, for ductwork diameters from 100 – 600mm. The Model S is can be used when cleaning at height or reaching some hitherto inaccessible parts of a ductwork system.

Both models can be fitted with a number of brush heads according to the ductwork being cleaned. These range from flexible to stiff and robust, depending on the type of ductwork to be cleaned. Also included in the range are Hoom’s Pneumatic brushing machines, which are recommended for heavily contaminated ductwork and include the Model XL25 and Model XL40. A full selection of additional or replacement shafts and brush heads will be available for the range.

The Hoom Technik range also includes the Duct Inspection Robot, remotely controlled by a tablet or joystick, for use in horizontal stretches of ductwork, with a reach of up to 23metres. The Duct Inspection Robot provides remote photographic or film recording of the interior of round or square ductwork. It can explore straight ducts with no turns with a minimum diameter of 250mm. It can also explore ductwork with turns in its configuration, with a minimum diameter of 350mm.

To extract and remove detritus dislodged by the brushing machine, the Hoom Technik range also includes the Model S3400 and Model L5800 Vacuum Collection Machines, complete with filters, for the removal of dust and dirt from the cleaned ductwork system.

Swiftclean MD Gary Nicholls said: “It has been our prime concern for many years to promote good indoor air quality and to minimise fire risks through regular cleaning to TR19 and TR19 Grease requirements.

“To find a range of products entirely devoted to achieving the same cleaner air objectives has been very rewarding, even assisting us in winning an award for our kitchen extract cleaning work. We were therefore delighted to be able to reach an exclusive agreement to provide these products to the UK market. We anticipate an enthusiastic welcome by specialist cleaning providers aiming to comply with to TR19 and TR19 Grease.”

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