Steelite receives recognition for factory water recycling

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Steelite staff members picked up the Engineering Gold Green Apple Award.

Hospitality tableware manufacturer Steelite International was awarded an Engineering Gold Green Apple Award by The Green Organisation at a ceremony held at the Houses of Parliament in December.

The firm picked up the award for its three-centrifuge system and the introduction of a water recycling system at its Stoke-on-Trent factory.

Steelite’s machinery works by spinning waste material out of waste water at very high speed, resulting in clean water rather than cloudy water. As well as reducing water usage, it reportedly saves glaze and lowers energy usage on the site too.

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Supported by a £250,000 investment by Steelite, the system saves the company 100 tonnes of glaze per year as well as 20metres3 of water per day.

Patrick Griffin, site services director at Steelite said: “We’re delighted to have won an Engineering Gold Green Apple Award for our latest system and approach to water recycling. The water is no longer going to waste, we’re lowering site energy usage, saving glaze, and we’ve even reduced the amount of chemicals in the process to reclaim glaze which has improved the waste water that does leave site.

“To our knowledge, this is an industry first. We hope it serves as inspiration for other companies and industries that can do something similar to reduce the global impact that manufacturing has on finite resources.”

Steelite has long focused on sustainable initiatives. In 2008, it joined the Green Organisation with a vision to communicate and offer advice on what companies can do to improve their environmental impact.

In 2010, Steelite won its first Gold Green Apple award in the Recycling sector for its Lamella filtration system reducing body material waste by reclaiming it from the site’s waste water prior to the water going to drain

In 2013, Steelite won a Silver Green Apple award for achieving these goals and ensuring 0% to landfill.

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