Squatters steal ‘£14,000 of kitchen equipment’ in Bristol

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Miriam Deloglu, founder and project leader for The Circle, tweeted this photo of the destruction meted out to the project’s café unit.

Catering equipment was stolen and destroyed in a café that was part of a regeneration project in Bristol.

In the area near St James Barton roundabout, known as ‘The Bearpit’, the local community had established The Circle, a scheme to regenerate the area.

Within this was a café inside a shipping container, though the project had ceased due to anti-social behaviour.

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Squatters had occupied the area for weeks, but were evicted by Bristol council last month.

The container unit, which is owned by Bristol City Council, was moved to Bristol’s waste recycling centre as part of a clear-up of the area.

When Miriam Deloglu, founder and project leader for The Circle, inspected her shipping container for the first time since November, she found that the food outlet had been ransacked, with items missing including an oven.

She tweeted: “Over £14,000 of kitchen equipment [was] stolen and what was left destroyed.

“Closing the door on the Bearpit was hard, and when we received photos of the destruction that was caused by the squatters it was the final straw.”

The BBC reported that it had cost the council £250,000 to clean up the thoroughfare while it was closed for 5 weeks.

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