Two Midlands-based warewasher dealers have teamed up with Krupps for a recent installation in Cambridge.

Stoke-on-Trent’s Complete Glass & Dishwasher Services sold a Krupps warewasher, complete with osmosis system, to Calverley’s Brewery Company, with the installation managed by Dishwashers Direct of Nottingham.

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Krupps’ export MD Riccardo Scuotto detailed: “Because the extremely hard water in some part of England, we always recommend using the osmosis system to avoid limescale.

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“Wine bars, pubs and restaurants find this particularly effective when it is essential to have a perfect glass ready after the glass-washing cycle, without having to hand-dry every single glass each time to remove opacity.

“The osmosis system, together with our Full Line glasswasher (with clean water refill at every cycle), will give impeccable results.

“This is with a quicker working time without additional hand-finishing, and at a very competitive price.”

Calverley’s Brewery Company was pleased with the installation, with MD Sam Calverley explaining: “Brewing is a fine art, and when it comes to tasting the finished brew we have to have the cleanest possible glasses so as not to affect the tasting process.

“Due to the water here, limescale builds up very quickly and leaves a residue in the machine and on the glasses.

“Krupps solved this problem; the osmosis system installed has meant our glasses are spotless and we have no contamination.

“This is so important to maintaining our high standards of production. Although the costs were more than we had budgeted for, the longer life of the machine and the quality of clean has more than compensated.”