The first 5 years of Sous Vide Tools’ business life have certainly been interesting, rapidly growing from a company that almost started by accident to one which now is at the cutting edge of culinary technology.

In fact the company has seen growth of 60% year on year since it began.

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In 2009, MD and founder, Alex Shannon, stumbled across a sous vide device that Italian manufacturer Sirman had developed.

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“They sent me a sample,” he recalled. “So I started taking this piece of technology around various chefs and distributors.

“Everybody said to me that this was the next big thing, and I’d always wanted to set my own business up, so I spoke to Sirman’s factory and took the plunge.”

Prior to striking out on his own, Shannon worked for supplier, Apuro, which sadly went into administration in 2009. Apuro had had the importation contract for the Sirman brand, but after it folded, the supply deal was bought up by Foodservice Equipment Marketing.

Therefore to avoid confusion, Shannon began importing Sirman’s circulators and chamber vacuum packing machines under Sous Vide Tools branding.

Shannon started off working from home and renting a warehouse nearby in Garston.