Sous Vide Tools gets a-round with new spherificator

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The Spherificator from Sous Vide Tools can produce between 200 and 250 spheres with each use.

Sous Vide Tools has introduced what is claimed to be the world’s first automatic pearl-making tool, the Spherificator, to the UK market.

The hand-held molecular gastronomy machine can produce up to 10kg of pearls each day, said to be suitable for chefs, bakers, bartenders, and anyone looking to push culinary boundaries.

The Spherificator is claimed to be simple-to-use and easy-to-clean, and allows the user to shape liquid into pearls in seconds through a process of reverse spherification.

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Instead of using a pipette or syringe to make the beads of liquefied food and sodium alginate, which are then dispensed into a water and calcium chloride mix, the Spherificator is designed to simplify the process and shoot out the liquid into the solution. The result is a ‘boba ball’ which bursts when squeezed.

The appliance is said to be small and light, silent in action, and can be fitted with one of three interchangeable nozzles to create different-sized pearls. The user can vary the pearl-making speed based on the thickness of the mixture. Its seven-ounce capacity is enough to produce between 200 and 250 spheres with each use.

The Spherificator tool comes in a kit containing 75g of sodium alginate, 100g of calcium chloride, and one nozzle head, together with a 1-year warranty, for £99 inc. VAT.

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