Smeg doubles warranty available on warewashers

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Smeg UK’s glasswashers and dishwashers are now available with an optional second year of warranty.

Smeg UK is now offering a second year of warranty on all of its full commercial glass and dishwashers.

The manufacturer is making the extra cover available as an optional bolt-on to its warewasher portfolio.

Commercial channel director Phil Coulstock explained: “This has come about for a number of reasons but mainly because we feel the reliability and knowledge we have on the products is now more than sufficient to support them for the additional year and also to meet the demand of both the end users as well as our distributors who told us they wanted the ability, where needed, to match some of our competitor manufacturers that dealers encounter on a regular basis who offer 2 years warranty already.”

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He continued: “The costs of the additional years warranty is designed as a bolt-on for two reasons. We know it won’t appeal to everyone in the early days as things in the marketplace are still tight and price is still a leading priority for a lot of end users in certain sectors of our industry so being an optional extra gives flexibility.

“That said we believe today we offer the ability to sell two really high quality specification packed ranges, of what are already possibly the best value for money two tiers of dishwashers in the industry. They both offer the ability to make very strong margins of profit due to the selective distribution policy we run, leading to reduced numbers of aggressive low margin sellers which in turn appears to prevent issues we know other brands suffer severely with.”

Smeg UK has dramatically reduced the prices of the second year warranties until the end of this year to encourage uptake. “This highlights the second reason it is currently a bolt on, as we wanted to give something back to those who’ve helped invest, support and grow our fantastic, unique and aspirational brand to what it is today,” said Coulstock.

The firm has also added a second cost option, a preventative maintenance visit (PMV) which is a health check for the machine which will be carried out by a Smeg-employed engineer and not subcontracted to third parties.

The check will generate a report that distributors can use to either quote any work or parts that are required to return the machine to full health or pass on to the end user to advise on any found issues for them to decide whether to take action on.

The PMV will take place in the second year anytime between months 12-24, and will flag green markers on components in good health, amber on anything that is showing signs of slight wear but not enough to consider change or minor issues for the operator to take action against that perhaps as its not covered by the warranty on the machine to prevent future issues.

Red markers will flag up against anything that needs immediate action. This could be missing filters or components not covered by warranty as they have perhaps been lost or damaged by staff but are affecting the performance and reliability of the machine. Red markers could also be elements that are covered and Smeg will replace under warranty or invite dealers to take action against, depending on whether the machine has been purchased with full warranty or parts-only warranty.

The manufacturer’s regional sales managers are scheduled to contact their respective dealers with further details of the offer.

Smeg UK started selling commercial glass and dishwashers in the UK in 2014. Coulstock revealed: “Since then we have, with the support of our dealers, grown year on year in the UK to be able to continually develop and more importantly invest in helping make us an ever improving brand.

“We are becoming a strongly recognised market-leading manufacturer of commercial catering appliances, including convection ovens as well as glass and dishwashers, ensuring Smeg’s best product will always be our next product.”

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