Indonesia-based fabricator, Simply Stainless, just launched an improved kitchen design program, which is available through its partner RH Hall.

The software allows both dealers and end-users to create bespoke kitchen layouts, but is particularly beneficial to dealers.

The service is free and works on a grid basis so that Simply Stainless products with their dimensions can be selected and added to the design, along with standard equipment such as dishwashers, fryers and combi ovens.

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It is also possible to set the elevation of selected items such as shelves, over shelves and door panel kits. The new software uses 3D BIM models and these files are also available through RH Hall.

Simply Stainless and RH Hall began their partnership in 2007 and have an exclusive distribution relationship for the UK and Ireland.

RH Hall claims that installing Simply Stainless products is more cost-effective because it is a modular system, while local stockholding means it can offer a next-day lead time.

Adam Hall, bespoke solutions manager at RH Hall, told Catering Insight: “It [Simply Stainless] works well with the factory here because when I go out to design kitchens for our supply partners, I will design it using 80%-90% of Simply Stainless off the shelf modular items and complete the project with any bespoke tabling needed, which is where we can use RH Hall Fabrications. We can build it to the same quality.”