Newport-based Shine Food Machinery has once again teamed up with consultant SHW (SeftonHornWinch) on the design and outfit of the kitchen at the luxury Manor House Hotel in Castle Combe, Wiltshire.

The hotel’s Michelin star restaurant, Bybrook, has been in need for a kitchen refurbishment for some years.

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Although well maintained by the on-site staff, building fabric and M&E services that were due for upgrading needed to be well planned so as not to affect the hotel’s revenue stream by lengthy shut downs.

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This meant a major upheaval and stripping the whole back of house area.

So, at the same time as renewing the services and building fabric, Danny Pecorelli, MD of owner Exclusive Hotels and Venues, and his staff at the hotel planned to upgrade the equipment at the same time.

Therefore before the project began, SHW was asked with its building services consultant partners to provide an initial feasibility study as to exactly what needed to be done, and how this could be achieved in the shortest of time frames.

A revised workflow pattern was agreed, utilising some existing equipment where possible and replacing with new where necessary.

After several meetings with the hotel staff and the appointed architects/project managers Felce & Guy, and several options later, it was decided that the hotel could shut its restaurant doors for a period no longer than 7 weeks.

In partnership with the main contractor, Rocare, and Shine, during this period, the whole of the building fabric and finishes were renovated including works to new drainage and ventilation systems, along with a complete rewire and installation of gas services, to bring it up to the current 21st century standards.

This exercise meant that the main cooking suite was reused/refurbished in-situ, and the new equipment and fabrication (produced at Shine’s own in-house factory to an agreed SHW specification) was installed/relocated to the agreed new layout, which provided improved preparation spaces and cooking elements.

The main pot and dishwash areas were completely re-planned, utilising a new dishwasher presented to the hotel by Winterhalter for winning the KP of the year award the previous year.

All M&E services, where possible, are now completely encased, but with easy access for servicing.

New stainless steel floor gullies on a new fitted floor are said to make cleaning easier, and work flows now reduce the amount of footwork the chefs and waiting staff once did.