Seven essential warewashing accessories

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Hobart's undercounter double rack insert.

From specialist warewashing functions to additional accessories, professional dishwashing technology is becoming ever more customised, so what options are available for dealers looking to specify a tailored solution? We found seven top solutions for consideration.

Hobart undercounter double rack insert

Hobart has created a double rack insert for its undercounter machines that doubles the appliance’s capacity in the same single wash cycle and – therefore – with the same energy consumption.

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Hobart UK Equipment Division’s warewash product manager Chris Mansell commented: “It’s a very small outlay – literally under £100 – but a brilliantly simple and effective opportunity to reduce costs. If an operator stacks the machine correctly, they could, in theory, halve their operating costs – as fewer cycles would naturally reduce labour, servicing and maintenance outlay.

“The double rack insert is an optional extra on the undercounter machine, and operators can halve their operational costs for negligible outlay. It’s also really easy to insert and take out with one hand and so simple and yet so functional – the kind of innovation that, in my opinion, Hobart does effortlessly.”

Other accessory innovations from the manufacturer include a new cup washing rack used in combination with Premax undercounters. The system enables 25 cups to be washed at the same time, in a way that ensures they remain in position throughout the washing process. The concept also uses new HLP-7000 rinse aid and can be used for anything that doesn’t hold heat and struggles to dry, shedding the water off and allowing it to dry considerably quicker.

Meiko Bottle Washing System

Meiko’s latest bottle washing system is designed to ensure hygiene, meaning that caterers can use their own bottles and get even more productivity from one dishwashing machine, further boosting that dishwasher’s sustainable credentials.
The bottom wash arm is replaced with the bottle wash adapter, a process that should only take a few seconds.

Meiko machines have a theoretical capacity of 640 bottles per hour (competitor 480) and each Meiko rack can hold up to 16 bottles (competitor eight). The bottle washer can also take bottles up to 114mm wide (competitor 100mm) and up to 370mm tall.

The bottle washer is suitable for all types of caterers and especially where there is a strong sustainable motivation. It is designed to be faster than anything else on the market, and take the widest range of bottles. Paul Anderson, MD of Meiko UK emphasised: “The customer range is surprisingly wide because an output upwards of 30,000 per year is achieved just by washing eight baskets of bottles per working day (261 days).”

Further Meiko options include GiO reverse osmosis water treatment, which saves space and labour for dish and glasswashers. It’s designed to be easy to install under or alongside dishwashers and should provide a visible improvement to wash results and ensure consistent high standards for operators.

Krupps App

Krupps is building on the technological headstart it created when it launched iKloud, the first Wi-Fi connection in the world for professional warewashers, back in 2015. In 2022 the Italian-headquartered firm will combine iKloud with a new Krupps App to give a complete experience of the Krupps world for salespeople, engineers and caterers.

The app has been developed to help both salespeople and engineers access all Krupps appliance information via a smartphone. The system showcases catalogues and promotions plus has a section dedicated to technical maintenance. Marketing manager Manuel Petrucci said: “Technology, IoT and services will be in focus in the coming years and those who started earlier will define the new paths of professional warewashing.”

Furthermore, the manufacturer is adding to its physical accessory line-up with the Soft Door system, which enables smooth opening and closing of warewasher doors, as well as enabling secure closing to guaranteeing user safety when approaching a new washing cycle. A new Double Load accessory will also quickly join Krupps’ portfolio: increasing the capacity of a warewasher at a time when smaller spaces are taking over.

Granuldisk PowerGranules Bio

With Granuldisk’s warewashers standing apart from other offerings, as they add granules for extra mechanical scrubbing power, the Swedish firm has a further option for especially eco-friendly installations.

The manufacturer recommends that dealers can add more value for the customer by promoting its bio-based PowerGranules Bio. Product manager Ulrika Ahnfelt emphasised: “Besides being biodegradable, these granules also demand up to 87% less water in the manufacturing process compared to the original PowerGranules and makes them the obvious choice for the environmentally aware client.”

Other available options include an EcoExchanger feature, which combines steam reduction and heat recovery in one and should improve the working environment while saving up to 35% energy, by pre-heating incoming water.

Popular add-ons comprise a variety of holders that facilitate non-standardised item washing, such as pots, lids and chopping boards. These flexible accessories are designed to fit odd shapes and sizes and complement the standard holders for Granuldisk’s Gastronorm range.

Wexiödisk Roller Table

Wexiödisk’s Roller Table is an ergonomic warewashing accessory. Functioning via a conveyer system which rolls baskets of dishes, crockery and utensils into, and out of, any Wexiödisk warewasher, the Roller Table is designed to improve the working environment by eradicating the need for staff to lift or load often heavy warewashing baskets.

David Glover, country manager for Wexiödisk UK, said: “Available in various lengths, Wexiödisk’s Roller Table is the perfect addition for operators looking to ensure a succinct, less hazardous and less strenuous warewashing process for staff.”

Also within the Swedish manufacturer’s portfolio is the patented PRM (pre-rinse machine), which Glover feels has become an essential system that dealers recommend.

He said: “Allowing operators to save hundreds on running costs, Wexiödisk’s patented PRM efficiently reuses chemically enriched waste water from the connected Wexiödisk warewasher. What’s more, the straining and time-consuming need to pre-rinse by hand is eradicated when using this system, and splashes are avoided, thus creating a safer and smoother warewashing zone.”

Winterhalter reusable plastic cup system

Winterhalter’s latest reusable plastic cup system is said to be an industry first and was created in response to the increasing focus on sustainability. It was also selected for the recent COP26 Conference in Glasgow.

The system features a special rack, which holds the lightweight cups and lids in place, and special chemicals that should ensure they dry quickly and effectively. Paul Crowley, marketing development manager at Winterhalter UK, said: “This combination of machine plus rack plus chemicals is a great example of how Winterhalter can combine its various warewashing specialisations to create a solution.”

He added: “We’re the only warewasher manufacturer that also manufactures its own chemicals, which we formulate specifically to maximise results from our own machines – that way we can absolutely guarantee hygienic results. No-one else can make that claim.”

Another popular and innovative accessory is the rack dolly system for the UF Series of utensil washers. It is designed to facilitate loading and unloading the machine, even with heavy pots and pans, which should ease workloads and protect staff from potential strains.

Pentland Blizzard Storm 50 fully configurable power supply

Pentland Wholesale’s Blizzard Storm 50 and Storm 100 warewashers have a fully configurable power supply option which accommodates installation on a 13A plug top/30A single phase or even three phase power supplies.

Andy Threlfall, technical director at Pentland Wholesale, reported: “We have found the power supply configurability on the Blizzard Storm 50 and Storm 100 models popular, as often machines are ordered based upon the size of basket rather than a proper assessment of the power supply requirements on site.

“The configurability of the power supply with these models ensures the installer can configure the unit to work on the most common power supplies available for this application. We can also configure the power supply prior to delivery if requested at the point of order; this will ensure the cabinet is supplied ready for connection to the required electrical power supply by the installer.”

Pentland also carries in stock a wide range of accessories including glass and plate baskets, and external water softeners, both manual and automatic, which are recommended for use in hard water areas.

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