Keeping food in pristine condition in a hygienic way is a key consideration in kitchens, so dealers should be aware of the most up to date technologies to do so.

Another crucial issue is the lack of space in modern kitchens, so storage equipment needs to be ingeniously compact too.

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One firm which believes it has a useful solution to these issues is Cambro. The light equipment manufacturer is supplied to the UK market through Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM).

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FEM supplies Camshelving starter units, add-on units, mobile units, Basics Series starter units and a range of shelf kits and accessories, including Cambro’s Security Cage for Camshelving, which provides safe storage for valuable items, such as steaks, seafood, wine, champagne and spirits.

Mark Hogan, marketing and sales manager of FEM, commented: “Camshelving is designed with the flexibility to suit any space. It is easy to set-up, adjust and change configurations. It’s also easy to keep clean and rust-free.”

The Camshelving ranges can now be customised with shelf dividers, designed to help improve storage area organisation by supporting stacked or narrow items such as vacuum sealed packages and squeeze bottles to prevent them from tipping over and causing spillages.

Made from ABS plastic and vented to allow air flow in cold rooms and freezer applications, the shelf dividers fit the Camshelving Basics and Camshelving Elements Series.

Brian Lavelle, UK and Ireland accounts manager at Cambro detailed: “These recent additions to the Camshelving ranges have been inspired by the feedback we get from our clients and they’re designed to make storage easier and more efficient.